…..The Politics of political intolerance;We must learn to tolerate each other irrespective of tribe affiliation, religion, race, gender, and, language…….

…….The politics of political intolerance.This is where Kenya as a nation might be heading to if the political happenings that we are witnessing are anything to go by. And, not forgetting the fact that we are in the electioneering times…..one of the trying moments our Republic do face while putting into consideration how our politics are murky and turbulent.

And any looming general election in Kenya sends cold shivers down the spines of most Kenyans in certain parts of the country. The after effects and experiences we have faced as a nation in past general elections reverberates and haunts most Kenyans especially those who were affected. They have been bearing the brunt of the post election skirmishes that erupts.

But, it hit its lowest moment in the year 2007/8 after the 2007 general election. In those political trying moments, the country had slipped into an abyss and it was burning due to political intolerance which was orchestrated by the political class.

And, from then on, we vowed as a nation that never again shall we ever trend in that road again. But, if the political intolerance that we are witnessing is anything to go by, then we are treading on a slippery ground.

We have lost the track and we have a long way to cover before we can proclaim that we have reached that point where we are tolerating and accommodating each other as Kenyan citizenry without falling back to our tribes.

This political intolerance leads to a political catastrophe such as the one which we witnessed after the 2007 general election. Also, it makes the country to stagnate both economically, socially and in the developmental outlook.

And, a country in which its citizenry feels threatened and aren’t welcome to some parts of the country has itself to blame because it is a failing nation.

The heckling and jeering that greeted Jubilee Brigade in Kisumu, and, National Super Alliance when their meet people campaigns in Central Kenya elicited hostilities were un-called for. We must learn to tolerate each other irrespective of tribe affiliation, religion, race, gender, and, language. The citizenry and political leaders must feel free to visit any part of the country without fear of being victimised, threatened, or, any other repercussion that might befall on them.

Calls for political tolerance as debate rages over those heckling incidences continues to pour. The incidents have been condemned which have been viewed as setting a wrong precedence in the wake of campaigns ahead of the August 8 general election.

Although we sometimes differ politically and ideologically, that can’t be a good reason for condoning intolerance just because they differ with us.

Also, tribalism, negative ethnicity and hate speeches by our politicians have played a key role in propagating political intolerance that we are sowing which is deeply rooted in our political systems to such an extent that we only accommodate and tolerate those leaders who belong from our tribe, or, those who align themselves to our political correctness and ideal.

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