What started off as a normal reshuffle within the Government, has stretched out of proportion in cause huge ripples to all corners of this country.


This issue hasn’t been spared by an emerging group of politicians, who wants to form a grand opposition in parliament, led by Ikolomani member of parliament, Dr.Bonny Khalwale and his associates.  As is turning out to be a norm in these group, any issues that arises whether good intended it’s been blown out of proportion as they entangle politics in it.


As is norm in most countries all over the world, reshuffles are always eminent in any Government to harmonies governments operations and enhance effective delivery of service.  It’s a routine realignment within the Government’s civil service, which transfers civil servants to different ministries.


But, as has been the norm of dealing with issues here in Kenya, how we resolve them, we must entangle them with politics as we analyses them even the most sensitive issues, whether they are good intended for the country it has to be passed through a passage of politics.


Take this case, which is currently the hottest issue at the moment, which is causing ripples across the board.  In that reshuffle, the deputy governor of Central Bank of Kenya, Mrs Jacinta Mwatela, was affected, as she was promoted to the rank of permanent secretary and transferred to the Ministry of Development of Northern Kenya.

She has declined to take up that offer which has precedence a major confrontation of words and it seems as if she will throw the towel.


The situation on the ground hasn’t helped either, as the political vultures have joined the fray, to devour and destabilize everything as they have blown everything out of proportion.  They are the ones who are fanning the confrontation by their arguments, vindictiveness, while trying to create a mysterious sinister motive behind the transfer.


Mrs. Mwatela came into limelight and she’s known for her strong stance against strong corrupt machinations in the C.B.K. She is a public civil servant who stands above the fray, who always portrays clean hands in all her dealings, and a strict follower of laid down procedural rules that governs C.B.K. Overall, she is a good performer in all her duties at C.B.K, as she has blocked many dubious dealings and un-earthed many corrupt deals liked golden berg, Anglo-leasing.


After that reshuffle a lot of brouhaha rent in the air, as all manner of arguments were been mooted.  Some were saying that there tribe is being vindicated, while others were saying that powerful underhand machination were pushing for her removal so that they can have their way at C.B.K.


But, why is it that we have entangled everything that we touch with politics? And, why is it that any issue that crops up has to take the political angle?


In a replica of the case, where the National Social Security fund, former boss, Mrs. Rachel Sumbaya was sacked after been involved in various scandals.


As Kenyans, we must devise ways of how we can deviate from these Shenanigans of politics.  It seems their will be no tangible development that will be achieved if these whole craps continues like these.


Concerning the reshuffle, the president may have acted in good faith and, Mrs. Mwatela, as a good servant, she’d have accepted her new job as servants are always ready for new roles, especial challenging ones.

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