Political Realignments;No breath of fresh air;They stink of old wine in new winskin

………December 4th,was the deadline for the political parties to submit their pre-election alliance agreements to the registrar of political parties.The political parties were required by law to deposit their mutual agreement packs if they wished to form them as stipulated by the political parties act.It has been frenzy as presidential aspirants and political parties rushed to meet the deadline for coalition agreements.A week after the packs were deposited with the registrar of political parties ,many are still scampering around breaking and making deals.

And,to beat that deadline we witnessed political pre-nuptial agreements being signed.The political class ,elites and tribal chieftains had a field day as they put their best foots forward in the bargaining table ,as they were the ultimate kings,and,kingmakers in the formation of these political alliances.And,wonders never ceases to amaze as strange bedfellows came together in the name of forming these alliances ,as political friends parted ways politically.

The political strategists spent their time and energies crafting the winning political strategy formulas.They burned the midnight oil in trying to craft and comb a workable political formula while putting into consideration the demands of the constitution.

And,as they rushed to beat that deadline,we hoped that everything would have been firmed up ,but,alas we lied to ourselves ,we are still witnessing the hopping of alliances.

These shifting of alliances hasn’t gone down well with most Kenyans .According to Daily Nation’s columnist,Macharia Gaitho,while outpouring his disappointment over the issue ,had no kind words ,he wrote that it was a fatal mistake to legalise prostitution in Kenya’s politics.We came up with a really great and progressive new constitution ,but,it came with one fatal omission.We forgot to outlaw prostitution ,adultery,rape and incest.Actually these crimes attract stiff penalties in ordinary circumstances ,but,they seem to be a mark of honour on the political circuit.

He further pointed out that even after the deadline passed for concluding unholy unions and depositing the pre nuptial agreements with the registrar of political parties ,we are still seeing key leaders jumping from one bed to another.It is unlikely ,however ,that our democracy is evolving into an orderly multi party system.In Kenya ,we don’t have political parties ;we have political vehicles and a bewildering collection of acronyms.Now we are witnessing unholy unions that promise nothing other than the pursuit of state power and attendants benefit.

And,it is a pity to note that the direction our politics are heading to ,while ,putting into consideration the fact that we have spent nearly 5 years decrying the shortcomings of the shotgun marriage that is the present coalition.The paralysis and pulling in different directions at times of crisis was infuriating and created instability that probably opened windows for political mischieviousness as if there was no government.

But,Kenya,is a great example of the adage that in politics ,there are neither permanent enemies,nor,permanent friends.Suddenly,bitter foes have become bedfellows ,scratching each others political backs in their quest to secure power .

Indeed ,we are a country that is mind boggling in political mediocrity ,absence of ideologies and general lack of moral conscience .The emerging political alliances aren’t based on the people’s interests ,but,on the arithmetic of securing numbers needed to win.Thus,formal mortal enemies are united as former friends go their separate political ways.

And,take it to the bank;we will elect tribal chiefs then complain.We get carried away by politicians even when chance is knocking on our doors to choose leaders who can change Kenya’s destiny for the better.We are aware of the serious mistake we are about to make as a nation ,by ignoring the one,or,two leaders who don’t subscribe to any tribal legions.But,we will elect our tribal chiefs and political elites ,then end up complaining just one,or,two months after elections and without any workable strategy like passing a vote of no confidence

With the eclipsing of the deadline ,the greed alliances were signed .Deputy prime ministers Uhuru,and Mudavadi have all come together in a coalition being dubbed as a jubilee alliance.The political parties TNA-URP-UDF have joined forces under one roof .Ruto ,formerly a close ally of Raila will be the running mate of either Uhuru,or,Mudavadi.Their alliance caught the eye of the international media .The Qatar based Al Jazeera had it’s top story;the I.C.C suspects who wants to lead Kenya.

On the other side is the strange marriage between Raila and Kalonzo,in a coalition dubbed as Railonzo.Mr. Musyoka’s tag of being a watermelon is perfectly manifested in his latest move.Kalonzo was in a political cliff ,and,the best way to occupy the new multi million Vice-president’s house was to form an alliance with his rival.Desperate times indeed calls for desperate measures.

Raila is faced with the quagmire of numbers.The figures do not add up for him ,having lost the larger Kalenjin nation,which overwhelmingly voted for him in 2007.Thus ,every tribal vote he can add to his dwindling numbers is crucial in his quest to occupy state house.

According to Mutuma Mathiu,Daily nation columnist ,while commenting on these so called political alliances realignments wrote that these alliances are no breath of fresh air ;they stink of old wine in new wineskin .There are no outsiders in the Cord and Jubilee alliances ;all are card carrying members of the Establishment

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