……Political Party Manifestoes; Methinks that other than semantics,the manifestoes are a replica of one another.They are not offering anything new let alone the roadmap for execution

……..Amid colour, glamour, grandeur, pomp and dance, the major political party coalitions have all launched their party manifestoes. The Jubilee and National Super Alliance coalition ( N.A.S.A) have outlined their blueprint policy agendas of what direction they want to steer the country to once they happen to grasp the reins of power.

These two main political coalitions have launched their manifestoes spelling out their agenda should they win the August 8 polls. And, launching of political parties manifestoes have become a key item in the electioneering campaigns inasmuch as they do not mean much because they are scarcely implemented.

Jubilee coalition launched their manifesto on June 26, while National super alliance launched theirs the following day.On both occasions, many people had expected some new innovative ideas and promises, to no avail.The launches were full of platitudes of the past and signified nothingness to the future.

These manifestoes are economic, social and developmental blueprint policies outlined by political parties which capture what they intend to do once they are given a chance to rule the nation. It acts as a transformative strategic plan …..a guiding principle for any political party.

And, it has become a tradition for most political parties all over the world to launch their manifestoes to the citizenry during the electioneering period.Even in advanced democracies like the U.S.A, and, United Kingdom, major political parties are gauged by their citizenry and they do engage their citizenry by the use of these manifestoes.

These blueprint policies in the name of party manifestoes are clearly outlined with well documented and researched policies which are pampered to the extreme with the good wording of which lingers well with the citizenry so that they can endear to them.

But, the funny side of it all is that most of these manifestoes are copycats and replicas of each other. What they do is to copy and paste and make a few changes here and there.

Jubilee, which was the first at it, published a 10 point agendas largely emphasising continuity and deepening achievements recorded in the past four and half years. At the heart of the manifestoes is job creation, the expansion of free education to the secondary level, infrastructure, economic and affordable healthcare.

National super alliance, campaigning on the platform of change, anchors its manifestoes on inclusivity, deepening devolution, expanding social sector, including free secondary education and affordable healthcare, enhanced security, economic growth and accountability.

Methinks that other than semantics, the manifestoes are a replica of one another and previous ones.They are not offering anything new let alone the roadmap for execution.Worse, voters hardly scrutinise the manifestoes because of ethnicized politics, where issues are examined on the basis of the region one comes from instead of their merits, or, demerits.

We have created ethnic bastions and do not care a hoot what those in power do so long as they are our own.

According to Daily Nation, columnist, Jaindi Khisero, wrote that, no serious plans in manifestoes of main political parties to fix the economy. He outlines that they fall way short in terms of both meetings the people’s desire for something radically different and real change.The citizens of this country want drastic change but the political elite is still wedded to the status quo.

Actually, much of what you find in the manifestoes is not radically different from what you see in the existing policy documents, especially vision 2030.

He further points out that, indeed, manifestoes in this country are more of profligate spending programmes stitched together arbitrarily without an indication as to whether these long lists of projects will be funded from tax collections, or, paid for by contracting more debt.

However, Kenyans must still examine and interrogate the manifestoes and subject them to rigorous analysis. Some issues raised in manifestoes though we aren’t convinced the political elite has the compulsion to execute them.

Vices such as ethnicity, tribalism, corruption and marginalisation must be eradicated.The country has suffered so much because of the tribal lords and the time has come when we must shift and elect leaders who can transform society through a well thought out development agenda.

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