The Kenya political landscape and the political game is sometimes a tricky affair because of it’s nature of politicking portrays and clearly manifests that the politicians aren’t up to the task of serving the masses, and their minds are always pre-occupied by the next big task, that’s 2012 elections.

The Kenyan politicians aren’t in touch with the reality because they behave as if they do exist i0n the Utopia. They do practice the politics of Kletocracy. That’s promoting the welfare of the ruling class at the people’s expense. Their minds are always preoccupied with the idea of how they will exist and survive the political tidal waves at any expense.

The promises that were promised that were promised to the electorate seems like the waters that has already passed under the bridge. They have forgotten that when they were vying for the electoral seats they tactfully engaged in sweet talks so as to lure the electorate to elect them, but after they got what they wanted they forgot the electorates.

The politicians aren’t up to the billing and aren’t shamed of their deeds. In the recent past, our newspapers have been graced by this much talked debate of imminent political alliances, realignments, crowning of tribal kingpins, strategizing which are all geared in readiness for 2012 general election. These underhand dealings have stirred the political waters as different political players are strategizing on the best work out formula to push irrespective of their political affiliation.

These political shenanigans are unfolding against a major back draw of a still volatile political situation of which, the coalition government hasn’t yet emerged out of the woods. We are still in a very fragile situation and we don’t want the country to go back to where we found ourselves soon after the last election.

Just as some people are still languishing at displacement camps and feeling the effects of the past election violence, others are starving, coping with hard economic times, others are in experiencing financial crisis, the Kenyan politicians are busy building alliances to work out the best formula for 2012 which has occupied their minds.

And, these are the same people we have entrusted to guide us at these tough and desperate times. They have failed to provide leadership and have their priorities wrong. They have kept the country in a permanent election mood.

But, surprising, we continue to pay too much religious homage to them, and, curiously we don’t feature in their psyches.

While others are strategizing about 2012 and crowning their tribal chiefs, others are still bickering and complaining about their share of half a loaf of which they lament that they were short changed. The same politicians are also involved in the scandalous corrupt deals, which has rocked the coalition government where it has lost billions of shillings. This scam happens against a major backdrop of a country’s economy which is facing in its budget.

The alleged alliance which is in the cards, which is much talked about is between Deputy prime minister who is the finance minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, and his agricultural minister counterpart, Mr. William Ruto. These two guys are old buddies in the K.A.N.U party. The alleged alliance has received criticism from various quarters.

But, why is it that our leaders deviate from their corer role and responsibilities of serving people, and containing situation as per required by the government and they engage in a rather mere political shenanigans?

To most political observers, this is a slap in the face to the Kenyan people and an act of hypocrisy on our leaders. According to Harun Ndubi, a Lawyer, he argues that these tribal alliances that are being mooted are aimed to serve Tribal Kingpins and defeat justice for victims of the post election violence.

And, to Laikipia East, Member of Parliament, Mwangi Kiunjuri, he asks Kenyans to reject tribal alliances and leaders behind them. It’s just a year since Kenyan’s harvested seeds of discord planted by the politicians. He says that instead of preaching national healing politicians have started building tribal alliances.

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