In any system  of governance whether democratically elected,or,a dictatorial regime in one way ,or,another there exists a clique of activists class of which they job is to critically analyse and prick the hairs in the governments soup.After analysing the government’s policies they do air critiques where they do feel it isn’t working out.

Whether it will be silenced,victimised by the government of the day ,or,not they must raise the issues that they do feel isn’t going in the right direction.They do check the government and raises the voices on behalf of the oppressed and those that are un-heard.They do act as the mouth-piece of the voiceless and the low ebb subjects in the society.

To the serving government ,it is an irritant group which doesn’t have to be laid a platform and who makes careers out of their activism.

Political activism has being in making and is rife for quite along time.It is as old as the governments.It has been rife since the times of Athenians,Carthages,Romanian empires and during the reigns of great kings and emperors such as Alexander the Great.And,it is this activism that led to the persecutions of dissidents due to their divergent views.This is the price Socrates,the philosopher had to pay for his criticism of the then Athenian government which condoned injustices,corruption,and didn’t upheld the rule of the law.

Where proper activism have been strategized it manifests itself through popular uprising and revolutions,like what transpired during the French revolution and recently what is transpiring in the Arab world .To the end of it all it sends Kings,presidents to exile after overthrow-ment of their governments,after going contrary to the people’s script.

The activists acts as the gate keepers of the general public.They do act as the platform used to air views and raise concerns.They do check and scrutinise the government of the day,keeps on it’s toes and above all remind it of it’s obligation and mandate to it’s citizens.Most of the times they do raise varied real issues that needs to be addressed ,requires attention from the government.They do also object to any counter-productive move that might be in making in the society.

Overall,the vibrancy of the activism acts as the reminder to the government that it has an obligation and a mandate to fulfill without any favour,bias,discrimination either through tribe,gender,race and social status.It is the mouth-piece of the down-trodden,voiceless and the oppressed.

In Kenya ,political activism has being rife ,but,it hit it’s optimum high during the agitation of the multi-party politics also known as “second liberation”.It was at the height of activism to protest against the dictatorial tendencies that the former regime went out flat to silence the dissidents that political activism gained mileage.A major crackdown was underway to weed out these activists who had ignited the campaigns.These activists are the ones who pushed for the second liberation where a certain clause in the constitution was repealed to pave way for the multi party politics.

The other day our media outlets were totally a washed by a new brand of activism that is being orchestrated by the members of the civil society.They were protesting against massive runaway corruption inthe government and the high cost of living occasioned by the high inflation  rates.

These activists do have a varied point they are trying to put across if they do get a hearing.We can’t just watch as the government engages in acts of corrupt deals without us raising a hand.And,if the government doesn’t act it must be forced to act because the culprits must be nailed down.If the government fails,or,hesitates to act these is where the civil society activists comes in.

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