…….Pastor Victor Kanyari’s seed planting miracles….His fleecing exploit in the name of fake miracles.

…….Victor Kanyari’s seed planting fake miracles,and,the fleecing exploits …….Has the Church it’s moral obligation ?Has it turned into a monster which has turned to it’s own congregation?Is it preaching water while at the same time it’s drinking water?Is it leading it’s own congregation astray,and,into an abyss?Or,is it behaving like the proverbial leopard in a sheepskin amidst a herd of sheeps?

The recent revelations of the exploits of Salvation and Healing ministry,owner cum pastor,Victor Kanyari,who has being making money from his followers through fake miracles puts the church fraternity and the whole salvation testimonies on the spot and in a fix.We have seen a national gnashing of teeth after the expose on Pastor Kanyari’s money minting scams under the guise of christianity.

This revelations of fleecing followers by Pastor Kanyari in what he was referring to as “the seed money”attests and confirms ,and,puts to rest the long held suspicion about the Churches that a majority of their pastors have been benefitting in the name of the gospel.

The public outrage sparked by this revelations of fleecing by pastor Kanyari after luring his followers with fake testimonies of supposed cures by his own staff and accomplishes ,is understandable.And,this amounts to reaping where he has not sown.Infact,it is a criminal offence;obtaining money by false pretences.

In an expose which was aired by one of the local T.V station ,Kenyans witnessed the exploits of pastor Kanyari who has being making money from his followers through fake miracles .His larger than life lifestyle wa also exposed where he owned flashy cars,dons designer clothes and lives in leafty suburbs.It was also revealed that he rakes in millions from his innocent followers.

And,Director of Public Prosecution,has directed that the pastor be investigated and if evidence of wrongdoing is found ,he should be arrested and charged.Also,the Attorney General has proposed legislation to regulate churches and mosques to avoid proliferation of churches with dubious pastors.

According to Daily nation columnist ,Macharia Gaitho,he wrote that our own gullibility invites politicians ,conmen and charlatans to fleece us.He wrote that prophet Kanyari is just one of the thousands of clever enterpreneurs who have found that easy way to power and wealth is to exploit gullible Kenyans ,who will happily and without coercion surrender all their money .We fall prey to these charlatan just as fast as we blow our life savings on pyramid schemes,red mercury,quial farming ,or,any other flavour promising returns.

He further wrote that pastor Kanyari is not doing anything out of the ordinary .Self proclaimed prophets,seers,and healers running their own personal churches cum business empires are the norm in Kenya courtesy of a foolish and greedy populace that fails to make the connection between it’s own poverty and the epensive lifestyle of the preachers.

From the outrage that has greeted revelations of Kanyari’s excesses ,the temptation is to link that kind of blatant profiteering with the cultish ,noisy ,one man/woman evangelicals and T.V preachers.

According to National Council of Churches Of Kenya,Secretary General,Rev Peter Karanja,he said that their umbrella supports the proposal by the government to start registering and regulating churches and mosques to stop them from being abused for personal gain ,or to cause insecurity.The government should take action against those flouting the law.”Religious leaders are public officers and they should operate within the law”.

He further pointed out that N.C.C.K was concerned by the revelation and described the preacher’s activities as unlawful.”Religious leaders are expected to operate within the law and those who flout this should be faced with a legal mechanism to check their operations whether in churches ,or,mosques.

To Rev Hamilton Shihemi,he wrote that there’s a need to register all churches and make them pay taxes.The abuse of the freedom of woship and the theft of funds raised by congregation s have become so rampant that there is a need to regulate the activities of faith based organizations.

He further pointed out that although the mainstream Churches are pointing an accusing finger at others,these activities are also rampant all over that they cause disagreements and fights.Besides registrations of churches ,continous monitoring of their operations is crucial.One way to do this is to develop a taxation system.Tax will help in monitoring their operations.

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