Orange Democratic Movement’s day of shame;The day Men in black took over to cause fracas to disrupt elections…

O.D.M’s day of shame .This was one of a major headline that graced one of our leading daily newspaper after a chaotic Orange Democratic Movement party national elections which were slated to be held on Feb 29 th.Chaos characterized the Orange party’s national election where they were disrupted to the point where they had to be postponed indefinately.It was one of the biggest shame to have ever graced a party.

And,what transpired on that day discredited O.D.M as a party which has over the years being the most popular party.Now it’s fortune might start to dwindle and the path they have created might become the less travelled path.

According to a well informed source,that mayhem that was witnessed was pre-planned by well known politicians who were hell bent to block certain faction of the party.And,it is this chaotic shenanigans that makes the party to lose out the whole plot.If this chaotic scenes are anything to go by,of which they were orchestrated by the so called “men in black”goons,then the Orange party has a homework to perform.

These men in black carried out a well organised and coordinated fracas which threw everything into disarray when elections were about to start.And,these men are well known in certain political circles which are being associated to certain politicians.Their acts confirmed the held theory that they were hired by certain politicians to disrupt this elections.

For obvious reasons this Orange party elections were hotly contested which had created two emerging factions within the Orange party.And,for some reasons the whole plot was complicated by the mere fact that the party leader had some interest ,he was leaning towards one faction ,which created animosity and bad blood.

One faction is the youthful group led by Ababu Namwamba,and,Hassan Joho who are vying for Secretary-General and deputy party leader respectively,while the other faction which has the blessings of Raila Odinga,is led by Dr.Zani. And,these two factions have created a wedge within the party which heightened tensions.

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