The Orange Democratic Movement Party elections…..Staring at the Orange party in an awkward situation

The Orange Democratic Movement party elections have generated more heat than it is expected .This elections are staring at O.D.M party in an awkward and delicate situation for it is eminent that the party might be headed for disintegration .After convincing all and sundry that he is a democrat,this time round the party leader,Raila Odinga,is finding himself in a hot soup.The ball is in his court,and,the necklace is on his neck to showcase to the world what he had being preaching.His moves are being monitored on how he will manage and conduct the party elections.

And,it is worth noting that in the last general elections he held the country hostage after he contested the election results at the Supreme Court,over what he termed as “democracy on trial”.He termed the elections as sham and flawed which were characterized and marred by irregularities.

Now he is facing the same blade ,where he has to walk the talk and lead by example,that he is truly a democrat.But,putting in microscopic lenses concerning his party manoeuvres ,it is portraying otherwise as accusing fingers are pointing at him all for the wrong reasons.And,it is his skewed moves that has made Orange Democratic Movement to be in news as jostling picks up ahead of the party elections.

The kind of interest the pulling and shoving has generated indicates that it is not just about who is who in the emerging line-ups;it is about the fate of O.D.M as a viable political vehicle heading toward the 2017 general election and in particular ,the prospect of Raila as the party leader contemplates a presidential bid.

And,for the first time he is facing rebellion within his own party and from his as he is seen as favouring certain candidates.It is being rumoured that he is trying to groom and entrench certain leaders against the wishes of some party members.

It is this manoeuvres that has created a disquiet in the Orange party.And,it is apparent that the Orange party will further disintegrate .The party is set to hold a national delegates conference from February 28 to elect new national leaders.Some politicians who were jostling for the positions have bowed out while others blame Mr.Odinga for elbowing them out of the race .

An outfit that loves to shoot itself in the foot ,O.D.M has generated plenty of negative publicity to the delight of detractors more than keen to read Odinga obituary.

But,Mr.Odinga and his supporters have accused the Jubilee government of trying to infiltrate the party and destroy it from within.

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