On what Campaign platforms are our Presidential aspirants and political leaders basing their election campaigns on ? | campaign,platform,presidential aspirant,political leaders

campaign,platform,presidential aspirant,political leadersOn what campaign platforms are our presidential aspirants and political leaders basing their elections campaigns on? What ideologies ,ideas,ideals and agendas are they fronting for the country to help tackle and alleviate the myriad of problems that confronts us as a nation? Are these platforms good enough to act as the guiding principles to folster our country to greater heights of prosperity? What strategic economic and developmental plans are they fronting for the country?

And,are their ideals of any good to the country,or,are they propagating their own parochial interests?How are they managing their campaigns putting into consideration what transpired in the year 2007/8?

These are hard questions ,of which we need to ponder and ask our political leaders and especially the presidential aspirants,as Kenyans.Our country is in the verge of a total metamorphosis ,and,only a transformative leader can mid wife it and take it to that promised land..It is in dire need of a total overhaul for it’s system to work ,and,to alleviate the myriad of problems that affect our Kenyan society .We need transformative leaders who will transform this great country of ours

According to President Kibaki,the country is at stage where we need to take full advantage of the gains made in the past 10 years.He said that with an obvious fact that he has laid down a strong economic foundation.What is needed right now is a leader who is visionary and progressive ,who will take us from the flightpath and help us soar to the skies.

And,putting into consideration the diversification of our new constitution which has created the devolved governments which will obviously have a heavy toil on our economy ,we will need a leader who is beyond the re approach.

While keeping tabs at the just concluded U.S.A election,one cannot escape to note the fact that in their campaigns the two presidential aspirants dealt heavily on real issues that affect the USA.In their campaign platforms they showcased how they will address these issues.

They were subjected to various interview forums,participated in broadcasted debates ,outlined their agendas in their manifestos and in their campaign trails .There was no usage of inflammatory remarks demeaning each other ,nor,the shenanigans of throwing mud at each other ,or,washing their dirty linens in public.They were discussing about the state of the country’s economy,healthcare ,joblessness,tax cuts and
how they would improve the welfare of the middle class.

Also,here we need to start a tendency of subjecting our political leaders to this kind of interviews which can act the sieves which will filter the kind of leaders we do want -a leader who possesses a heart of the people and that of the nation.A leader who is mindful of people’s welfare .

And,right now as the campaigns intensifies with different presidential aspirants conversing around the country in the hunt of those crucial votes we must be on the look out to prick out the hairs in their soup.In bid to race against time ,nothing is being left to chance ,And,it is in these meet people campaigns that these aspirants are promising the electorate heaven and earth if they do get elected.

These promises and pledges do act as the storyline which most aspirants will base their campaigns on.But,in a nutshell of events ,for ,the Prime minister,Raila Odinga,it is interesting to note that he has based his argument ideals on the new constitution platform,and, that he is a top reformer.In most of his campaigns he is telling all and sundry that he is the only one who stands out among the presidential aspirants who can truly be trusted to implement the new constitution to the letter ,because he is a top reformer.

He says that his record as a reformer speaks for itself because he has been clamouring for change for quite a long time .He was quoted as saying that this constitution has a lot of enemies who are highly placed and strong.They will mutilate it just the way it happened in Lancaster,Many are already opposing it’s implementation .Some presidential aspirants could not be trusted to implement the constitution.

But,whether this campaign platform will tweek with the Kenyan population is another story which is a bit debatable and only time will tell.According to various surveys ,what Kenyans feels should be accorded the necessary priority are unemployment,joblessness among the youths,high economic time,poor healthcare,insecurity,water among others.So constitution doesn’t feature in that priority list.

So Mr.Odinga,and, his campaign think tank are out of touch with the true realities on the ground.

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