Of UHURU KENYATTA,and,WILLIAM RUTO Presidential candidature eventuality;Can the Constitution,and,a Supreme Cour’s ruling subvert the will of the people? | will of the people,uhuru kenyatta,william ruto,subvert,subside

will of the people,uhuru kenyatta,william ruto,subvert,subsideCan the constitution ,and,a Supreme court’s verdict subvert the will of the people?This is a million dollar question which is lingering in most Kenyans minds,of which they are trying to grapple with,because in one way ,or,another it is affecting them directly.After it is becoming apparent that Uhuru’s candidature might clinch the Kenya’s presidency,according to subsequent opinion polls ,a lot of questions are being asked.And,that’s one question which is hovering around us like a dark cloud in our Kenyan politics which is already the subject of discussions,and ,debates.

Such is the magnitude of the issue as it is weighty which is drawing the International Community to join the fray.It is a daunting hill we are facing as a country;the eligibility and suitability of the Presidential candidature of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

Since the International Criminal Courts,indicted the duo over crimes against humanity,there has been a lot of pressure for the pair to drop their political ambition and especially their presidential bids altogether.The two presidential hopefuls have vowed not to let it go,and,that they will soldier on despite been under pressure from various quarters to drop their bids .They are asserting that their charges are politically motivated.They are also asserting that it is their constitutional right to vie for any elective post in this country.

Mr.Uhuru Kenyatta ,is vying his presidential bid on The National Alliance{TNA} party,where he has a strong backing from Central Kenya,and Mt.Kenya region,which he has rallied on his back.He is using it as his political base which he has already inherited from President Kibaki.And ,according to opinion polls ,Mr.Kenyatta stands as a strong favourite to clinch the presidency.His political star keeps on rising with each an every passing day.

Mr.Ruto,on his part ,is a Member of Parliament,for Eldoret North,and,he is contesting the presidency on a United Republic Party.He is one of the rubble rousing politician,who is presumed to be a hard worker,ambitious,articulate,whom ,Mr.Miguna,had described as restless.And,he has managed to consolidate his Kalenjin backyard into his own strides,and,he is seen as the community’s kingmaker,if not the king.

And,it is worth noting that the duo are in the verge and on course of forming a political alliance which is causing rimples in the political waters.They have being engaging each other politically causing the political observers to read a sinister motive considering that the duo have a date with the Hague based court.Despite this ghost haunting them they are determined to soldier on ,against all odds.They have managed to convince Kenyans that the charges they are facing at the International Criminal Courts are mere fabrications which are politically motivated by their political rivals so as they can gain an advantage over them.

This move have drawn a clash of opinions ,which is raising eye brows.Opinions are being opined,and,arguments fronted on the pros and cons of their move.Every political pundit,analyst,and,lawyer are all offering their own two cents worth of opinion on their suitability and eligibility.This unfolding scenario forced some activist group to seek a court’s redress over the matter.Also,the Attorney General ,has sought the Supreme Court’s direction on the same issue ,but,at a different perspective angle view while putting into consideration the will of the people.

But,can the constitution ,and,a court’s ruling ,alter and subside the will of the people,and,subvert it while interpreting the constitution,if the eventual eventuality do happen ,and,the two presidential hopefuls got elected?

This question is debatable while putting into consideration the dynamics of the constitution .In one chapter,it is putting emphasis on the right of a person ,and,in another instance it says that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.Also the constitution puts more emphasis on the question of integrity.Thus the constitution so inter twined .

Meanwhile the two presidential hopefuls are on the drive covering the grounds where their ratings and popularity continues to soar with each an every passing day,if the opinion polls are anything to go by.Their followers are upbeat and insisting that their leaders must be in the presidential race ,for it is their constitutional,basic and fundamental right to elect leaders of their choice.

In my considered perspective view,i totally agree that Uhuru,and ,Ruto’s fate lies in the hands of Kenyans,not those of the foreigners ,or,civil society.Power belongs to the people,and,in accordance with the constitution ,people will elect a leader of their choice.Any attempt to stop Uhuru and Ruto from contesting is to deny Kenyans ,people to vote for.Kenyans do have a sovereign duty to decide who their leaders are.

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