Of the New Year’s resolutions……..Follow your Dreams,Ambitions,Strategies,Aspirations and,Visions.

History bears witness,that ,after the folding of a year,and,subsequent ushering in a new year,it has been a tradition for most people and societies to resolve new year’s resolutions.They do note ,or,write down resolutions which they do want to fulfill,accomplish in a given time,or,drop a habit which acted as a barrier to their life,of which drained their resources and minds.To most people the dawning of a new year eclipses the dark clouds of the past year,and ,with a new year brings and hinges high hopes of a good year ahead.

The closing of the year’s chapter and the subsequent ushering of a new year do possesses a significant meaning which unfolds a new tiding chapter of new resolutions in minds and it’s challenges.To most people resolving new resolutions is comparative to taking a vow which binds and commits oneself to these resolutions.It acts as a guiding principle in their lives and connects them to their true self.It is what they have resolved through their sub conscious minds.

And,for every tick,tick of a clock to that hour,champagne flutes ,clink and kisses are exchanged as countless people toast the new year.As the wave of celebrations travel across the globe,millions vow to kick bad habits and improvements in an effort to make it a reality.At that crucial minutes before ushering the new year,goodwill messages are sent ,as people encourage,inspire and wish good luck in other people’s endeavours.

And,since time immemorial writing and resolving new resolutions has been a factor in the art of laying strategy to shape up and improving people’s lives.Analyzing the past years’ resolutions whether they turned to be failures,or,successes helps in shaping up the new year’s resolutions.As most people writes them down they put into consideration the challenges which them derail,critic where they went wrong in trying to fulfill,whether they fulfilled them and above all tracking the paces they took while moving up the success ladder.

But,in most cases,the reality of the matter is that most people do derail out of the truck along the way after they are caught up in the intricate cobweb of trivialities,and,at the end of it all most end up not honoring their resolution pledges.

The history of new year’s resolutions and revelry has been essential to ringing a new year which can be traced since,2000 B.C,when Babylonian held semi-annual festivals around the spring and autumn equinoxes.Back then,people marked the beginning of a new year by paying off debts and returning borrowed goods.The practise carried over into Roman times with worshipers offering resolutions of good conduct to a deity named Janus ,the god of the beginning and ending.When the Roman calendar was reformed,the first month of the year was renamed January,in honor of Janus,establishing ,January 1,as the day of new beginning .

The same could be said of resolutions.Once a tradition of performing simple good deeds,modern day resolutions often involve breaking negative pattern.But,this type of self change isn’t easy especially when trying to fulfill such vague goals.The difficulty of accomplishing behavioural changes combined with the non-specificity of most resolutions is the main culprit behind the rising percentage of people who fail to keep their new year’s pledge.

But,do we need to resolve and write down the new year’s resolutions ,and,of what purpose does them play in our lifes?And,of what good does it serve ,and,what impact does it impact in our lifes?

In my considered perspective opinion,we don’t need to write down the new year’s resolutions .Instead,what we needs to do is to follow our dreams,policies,ambitions,strategies.aspirations and visions.Resolutions and ambitions,dreams do differ disparingly.The difference is that the latter don’t blind us,or,intimidate us like resolutions.Ambitions and dreams motivates us as we seek to achieve our goals.

Resolutions do have time frames ,while ambitions and dreams are long life ideals which connects us with our sub conscious mind,the inner core of our own self.Resolutions just like infatuations deals with the surface of it,the physical part,while ignoring the inner core.And,with harsh economic times biting us each an everyday coupled by the fact that most people are being caught up in the intricate murky waters makes them stumble and at the end they don’t honor their pledges.

We do poison our conscience and sub conscious minds with realistic and un-realistic resolutions ,with the latter weighing more,which bogs us down,holds us captive of own lifes to the point of making us slaves of our own lifes.Resolutions don’t possess the necessary clear cut policies and strategies to bail us out of our predicaments.

According to a study which was commissioned by University of Washington,in 1997,found 47 percent of the 100 million adults Americans who make resolutions give up on their goals after two months.This figure has grown to 80 percent in the past decade according to a recent research compiled at University of Minnesota.

While the statistics are grim,your intention to make 2012 ,the best year yet aren’t doomed.Experts agree that writing down resolutions ,sharing goals with each other and tracking your progress can help you achieve success.


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