After the announcement of the 2007 presidential elections, which President Mwai Kibaki was declared as the winner, unusual incidents which were devious and heinous characterized the volatile hotspots parts of the country. The country had slipped into an abyss and it was burning. The country had gone to the dogs, murders, rapes, wanton destruction of properties and displacement of people characterized the situation, as different communities turned against each other, neighbours turned against neighbours and friend turned against fellow friends.

And, to most political observers, they had raised the red flag, for they had seen it coming and precipitated a possible backlash after the elections going by the negative political trend they had observed. Incitement, hate speeches and foul languages which depicted different ethnic tribes in a negative light had characterized the campaign rallies and of which was employed by the politicians. The pundits pointed out these as the real causes of the political violence’s.

The accusing finger pointed the politicians as the culprits. But, for quite a long time the politicians are known for they do suffer from a condition known as mouth diarrhoea. This condition makes them to be foul mouthed and nothing positive comes from their mouths and every time they do talk, they pits fire.

Prior to the 2007 general election, this tactic was heavily employed by the politicians where they intimidated and incited the communities along the ethnic lines. The government of the day didn’t contain this trend. The country tilted into volatile hotspots such that it was imminent that in the near future an eruption of violence’s was hovering around. Proper mechanisms were not laid down to contain this pregnant situation.

But, this hate and tribal speeches started way in the times of constitution referendum vote in 2005. The idea of entrenching a new constitutional dispensation which the country had yearned for years was turned to be a political supremacy battle after the N.A.R.C party partners had fallen out. This is where the dirty game of politics was brought to the foreplay.

And, it seems that we haven’t learnt from our past mistakes which have cost us a lot. Kenya has experienced numerous political violence’s which have been attributed and fuelled by inflammatory remarks from the political tribal chiefs. And, despite numerous recommendations for the major reforms in our political circles and a halt to these inflammatory remarks, the authority just lets the status quo to remain.

But, why is it that the politicians still use the tactics of hate speeches, foul language to drive their point home of which it backfires with serious repercussions, which made the Kenyan people to harvest this discord after the elections?

And, why is propaganda so much more successful when it stirs up hatred then when it tries to stir up friendly feelings, as Bertrand Russell asked?

And, politicians will always be politicians at every cost, and, they will always employ the game of musical chairs as they try to survive in the political tidal waves. Lately a group of politicians have been tribal alliance meeting rallies where they have castigated certain tribes.

This emerging trend in which politician from both sides of the grand coalition have been retreating to tribal alliances and preaching hatred has raised questions on whether the country is on the path to reconciliation. Some of the meetings have been characterized by hate speeches and foul language that are likely to incite Kenyans along tribal lines and defeat the spirit of the National accord and reconciliation Act 2008.

Political observers have warned that should if the trend continues unabated, the nation is likely to slide to the hostility and tribal animosity we witnessed after the last general elections.

So it’s high time that the politicians should use the positive language to bridge the gap between communities instead of whipping tribal sentiments. But, it’s commendable that hate speech and foul language as well as discrimination along tribal lines have been criminalized in Law.

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