………….The National Youth Service corruption scandal…….Until when shall we sing this corruption chorus in our nation…..and, especially in the National Youth Service……

…….The National Youth Service corruption scandal…….Until when shall we sing this corruption chorus in our nation…..and, especially in the National Youth Service.

And, yet again the National Youth Service has been caught up in yet another intricate cobweb of a mega corruption scandal. It is estimated that this corruption scandal has galloped our money of close to the tune of Kshs.9 billion.

It seems as if the National Youth Service has become the new avenue …..the cash cow….that’s been used by corrupt cartels to syphon the Kenyan taxpayers’ monies.

The National Youth Service has become the new corruption ghost that’s staring at us …….rearing its ugly head unto us with its spikes daring to bite. Its haunting us with its numerous corruption scandals. It has become the new hole that’s been used as theconduit by corruption cartels so that they can syphon our money.

This corruption scandal has portrayed the National Youth Service in bad and negative light in the anal books of Kenyan citizenry. And, since it increased its budgetary allocation from 2.5 – 25 billion shillings, it has been in the spotlight with million dollar questions been asked about its big appetite of galloping such a huge budgetary allocation.

And, this corruption has forced Principal Secretary in that line Ministry, Lilian Mbogo Omollo, and, Director General, Of the National Youth Service, Fred Ndubai, to step aside to pave way for thorough investigations.

It is reported that the National Youth Service has lost close to Kshs.9 billion in various corruption procurement supply tenders, payment of non-existence supplies and double payment of tenders. And, this isn’t the first time such a magnitude corruption to have hit it.

In the Year 2015, when the docket was under Anne Waiguru, it lost hundreds of million shillings in an almost similar corruption scandal which was well orchestrated by powerful corruption cartels.

And, the funny part of it is that nobody has ever been convicted concerning that corruption scandal despite there been glaring and transparent theft.

It is in this interest that Members of Parliament have threatened not to approve any budgetary allocations for National Youth Service programmes until action is taken against those behind Kshs.10 billion corruption scandal.

The National Assembly’s committee on Labour and social welfare, which oversees the Ministry of Public Service, Youth, and Gender Affairs, during a meeting with Cabinet Secretary, Margeret Kobia, were categorical that they will not continue to give money to the National Youth Service, which is riddled with corruption scandals.

The lawmakers demanded that the list of the fictitious companies that were paid the Kshs.10 billion be made public. According to them, it is not prudent anymore to continue pumping billions into National Youth Service with all these scandals that we are waking up to every day. We are not getting value for money channelled towards National Youth Service.

And, it seems as if the problem is with the Government’s Integrated Financial Management System { IFMIS}, which corrupt officials have been taking advantage of, thanks to its operational shortcomings. It’s high time that a forensic audit of the system was done to correct the anomalies and seal this new theft avenue.

Corrupt leaders must and have to face the full face of the law. It is becoming exceedingly worrisome that culprit named in major scandals easily get away without any action, creating a scenario where public service workers think they are untouchable. And, that entrenches the culture of impunity that the public is so pained about and which, unfortunately, every administration pledges to eradicate but fail flat on.

And, the million dollar questions still begs……….Until when shall we sing this corruption chorus in our nation…..and, especially in the National Youth Service?

Preliminary evidence at the National Youth Service scandal shows a well- oiled scheme that involves a network of insiders, working in cahoots with brokers and wheel-dealers while using phoney companies to syphon out taxpayers’ cash.

Thus, it requires a thorough and well- targeted probe to determine the full scale of the scandal. A number of those involved are middle- ranking officials, those who move things within the system and have perfected the art of manipulation. They must be reined in. Similarly, the investigators must net in the proprietors and directors of those companies that have become conduits for stealing public money.

Thus, we must demand speedy conclusion of the investigations and tough penalties for the culprits as we also call for the review of structures and processes at National Youth Service to end endemic theft

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