…..Is the National Super Alliance ,a political reality,or,is it just a mere pipe dream?Will it see light of the day?And,if it becomes a reality can it live to it’s billing and cause a political upset in the forth coming general elections,just like what happened in Ghana ,Gambia,and,the United States of America?….

…..Is National Super Alliance ,a political reality,or,is it just a mere pipe dream which is being fronted by the Amani National Congress leader ,Musalia Mudavadi,so that he can gain political relevance and mileage? Will it see the light of the day? And,if it becomes a reality can it live to it’s billing and cause a political upset in the forth coming general elections,just like what happened in Ghana,Gambia and United States of America?

This is the big question which political pundits are trying to unravel following the latest political manoeuvring of O.D.M leader,Raila Odinga,and,his Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi.While political coalitions in Kenya are a matter of convinince ,which are built on quick sand ,this one of former political friends turned foes have sent jitters across the political divide.

Of late ,Amani National Congress leader,Musalia Mudavadi,has being on the beat and a mission to front a new political outfit named National Super Alliance [ N.A.S.A] which is his bid to unite the opposition under one umbrella so that it can be a formidable force to reckon with in their quest to challenge the Jubilee government.He wants an opposition which will be united just like NARC did in 2002.

He has being at the forefront in his quest to unite the opposition into a single entity which he has named National Super Alliance which will challenge the Jubilee government in the forth coming general elections.In his argument ,he says that,a united opposition is better off and poses a big political threat in their quest to unseat the Jubilee government.

He further argues that if the opposition keeps on pulling into different political directions they won’t offer any formidable challenge to the Jubilee government .The Jubilee government will have it easy ….just like a walk in the park.

He concludes that all leaders must be ready to make political sacrifices if National Super Alliance is to become a political reality.

But,whether National Super Alliance will make any head way and become a political reality,or,it will be a smokescreen ,the fact of the matter is that the stakes are very low for Mr. Mudavadi in his quest to unite the fragmented opposition which keeps on pulling into different political directions.

These opposition leaders are egocentric with burning ambitions who most of them are at the twilight of their political careers.Their sunset political days are in the horizon hence no political is willing ,or,wants to be shoved aside to pave way for the other.

Orange Democratic Movement ,[O.D.M],Leader,Raila Odinga,is quoted as saying that he has only one bullet left in his political barrel and he must be given a chance to maximize on it.They must give him the free will to give a stab on the presidency.He further argues that politically his party ODM has the numerical strength than any other party in the CORD coalition,hence his stakes are very high.

For the former Vice-president ,and ,Wiper party leader,Kalonzo Musyoka,who is also eyeing the same presidential ticket argues that this time round it is his chance to go at it after sacrificing his quest in 2013.He says that he is best placed candidate to carry the CORD flag to face the Jubilee government.

He further says that he has made a lot of political sacrifices like in 2002 and 2013,when he backed the the former president ,Kibaki and ,Raila Odinga respectively.And,this time around it is his ripe moment to try the stab at the presidency,hence Mr Odinga,must return favors to him.

Moses Wetangula ,another co-principal is also eyeing on the same CORD presidential ticket.But other CORD principals ,especially Mr.Odinga treats him as a political minnow as he doesn’t have a big and firm political base.In Wetangula’s political base ODM party has a sizeable political base….has a claim on the base..which puts a spin in Wetangula’s political case.

And,thus the entry of Mr.Mudavadi will further dent and will definitely complicate his quest in CORD.

For National Super Alliance to become a political reality and a force to reckon with politically the opposition leaders must confront hard political realities of the day.There will be political challenges and sacrifices that will need to be made.

The proponents of National Super Alliance in their arguments says that they want to form a formidable political force equaling like NARC in 2002 if they want to have a realistic chance of beating Jubilee government in the forth coming general elections.

In 2002 general elections,the then opposition leaders buried their egos and came together to form a formidable political outfit NARC which went on and trounced K.A.N.U ‘s preferred candidate Uhuru Kenyatta.Most leaders then ,shelved their ambition in a common cause and supported Mr.Kibaki,in their quest which ultimately paid off .

But,the opposition of then,under the leadership of Mr.Kibaki,was a force to reckon with….they played their role as the real opposition…the government in waiting.They played their roles accordingly .They kept the KANU government on it’s toes,while offering alternatives.They were well organized,had good script and plots which enabled them to act their roles cohesively.

The opposition of today in the name of CORD are real time jokers…..they have lost the political script and plot….and ,they are running around like headless chickens.They are totally lost in the political jungle ….hence can’t comprehend their roles.They don’t have the political script that sets the stage to act like the real opposition.

They can’t keep the blundering Jubilee government on it’s toes despite there being a window they can capitalize on politically.The Jubilee government keeps on making political blunders one after the other coupled by massive corruption in the systems of governance,and,if they were paired with a well capable opposition they could be in a tight corner politically.

But,the opposition they are facing is a weakling type which started snoring at the onset….and,this is the government in waiting ….which is being fronted to unite.

The opposition has an important role to play in ensuring that the rights of minorities are not violated and that democracy is upheld.But ,the current crop of opposition in the name of CORD lost the track and roles along time ago.They lost the steam ,plot and script at the onset and they resorted in criticizing everything and spreading propaganda.

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