Is the national Referendum a priority at the moment?

What is wrong with our politicking because we are at all times in the mood of electioneering? It seems as if it is a permanent feature in our politics.

Of late the CORD coalition led by it’s leader ,Raila Odinga,started to agitate for a referendum to amend the constitution.And,their rallying call is to amend the constitution and change the mode of electing the President ,from a popular vote-one man one vote-to the system of electoral colleges.They do want to replicate the American system of electing their Presidents,where the president is elected by the electoral college.

Raila Odinga,who lost at the presidential election to Jubilee’s Uhuru,has lent his voice to proposals for a constitutional amendment that would do away with the direct presidential vote and instead have the head of state chosen by an electoral college comprising of Members of Parliament.And,so serious is them that they have intensified their push for a referendum that according to them ,will make it possible.They want 431 delegates to elect the president in a system based on U.S.A electoral college.

Under the 2010 constitution ,a president is elected directly by the people on garnering more than 50 percent of the national vote and at least 25 percent of the vote in more than half of the 47 counties.

But,is referendum a priority at the moment ?Is the economy ready for an expensive undertaking of this nature ? And,are citizens in the mood for this energy sapping enterprise? Must Kenyans forever remain in the politicking mode? When shall we relax and focus on issues that have the potential to make a difference in our society?

Methinks that referendum at the moment isn’t a priority,though our constitution provides for it.We must desist from creating an aura of electioneering mood in the country.Also ,the political grounds aren’t conducive as they haven’t cooled down since the the much anticipated March 4 election which left a divided nation.And,the Jubilee government must be accorded the necessary conducive environment to run the government ,drive and fulfill their pledges.

And,as a country with the citizenry,we must be left to take the stock of what we have gulped.

According to Deputy President,William Ruto,while dismissing those behind the push for a referendum,he said that they were looking for new political platform after losing the March 4 election .He cautioned that changing to a Parliamentary system would mean a major overhaul of the constitution.Those pushing for a referendum were insincere.

He further said that ,it is time to call a spade a spade.If you lose an election ,there is another chance ext time.Election losers should take time to prepare for another election.He warned that the referendum would mean total overhaul of the constitution that was hardly 5 months old. “In the last 10 years our country has been in a constant mood of elections.From a general election to a referendum to another general election.And,now in 2013 hardly 5 months old after general election you want a national referendum.”

The proposed referendum fronted by Raila Odinga,carries with it far reaching changes ,which according to proponents are designed to block the “tyranny of numbers”-populous communities dominating leadership.To,Machakos Senator,Johnstone Muthama,the proposed referendum is intended to end the domination of populous communities which he described as dictatorship of the big communities. The phrase “tyranny of numbers”was used ,and,all what it means is dictatorship of the bigger communities who will have their way whether you like it ,or,not.For us to deal with it,we have to go for the Parliamentary system which will bring unity and enable small tribes to have their own in State House.

But,the overview of such positions are clearly disorienting and diversionary and in the final analysis ,it is the ordinary citizens who suffers when the Jubilee agenda is undermined.

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