National Health Insurance Fund[NHIF];connecting the dots…..


THE Clinix outlets at the centre of the graft allegations at the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has two registered owners and one is a former NSIS Official, the other a Kenyan tycoon who was involved in political party financing in the 2007/2008 elections.

The main owner is Dr. Jayesh Saini who owns 99% of the Clinix outlets at the centre of the scandal and the other is Toddy Madahana a former Intelligence employee and now a senior staff member of KEMSA who owns 1%.

Jayesh, whose email address is, also contacted his brother at an Indian website company Magnon to set up the official website of Clinix – Magnon is described as ” among the very few Indian Interactive Media companies with the ability to offer services and support from both the major Indian cities.”

Toddy Madahana, the man who appeared before the Parliamentary Committee and lied till listed as a KEMSSA staff, in- charge of Security as you can see at

Minah, a daughter of Jayesh, manages the Clinix outlets.

Interestingly, Jayesh was allowed to receive NHIF Money despite being an owner of Gesto Pharmaceutical Ltd substandard – which recently hit media headlines for a bizarre case, where they supplied fake tablets laced with chalk worth Ksh 160 million through the Dannish Embassy.

The drugs had been paid for through a German aid agency. After the sale, the drugs were distributed to health centers across the country and had to be recalled when the scam was blown up in the media. It was not immediately clear how many patients had consumed chalk across the country’s health centers… but that was the man the NHIF chose to deal with.

As if that was not enough, they had Madahana, dress up in a white Turban and spectacles as they knowingly paraded at a Parliamentary Committee as the CEO of Clinix, while both the ministry and the NHIF knew he was an employee of KEMSA – itself a parastatal under the Ministry of Health.

Madahana, was kicked out of NSIS in 2002 for gross Misconduct.

Another name appearing in investigations is Akran Khan, this site could not however establish his role if any in the saga., is still on the story, at the very least the ministry should demand answers from Madahana, at least for now.

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