…The National Dialogue…Do we need this dialogue as a country?

….The National dialogue……The debate about whether there should be a national dialogue has illicited a clash of opinions,and,varied mixed reactions from political leaders and citizenry which has raised the political temperatures.And,it is regrettable that the last few weeks ,the Kenyan political arena has been characterized by political altercations,inflammatory utterances and counter-accusations.Infact,a foreigner to Kenya would conclude that we are in election moods.

According to the CORD coalition,the country needs a national dialogue to deliberate key issues that are affecting the country.To them the ills that are affecting the country are beyond the Jubilee government and needs to be addressed fully by all inclusive parties.

But ,to the Jubilee government ,these are empty political rhetorics being employed by the CORD coalition to destabilise the government.They have smelt a foul play in these whole issue of national dialogue,and,that’s why they dismissed CORD’s empty rhetoric rallying call.According to President Uhuru,and,his Deputy Ruto,they have categorically stated that they are fully in charge of the country,which hasn’t gone out of control and to the dogs as CORD is stating.They want to create a crisis where there’s none and out of nothing.

But,in matters of introspective ,do we need this national dialogue as demanded by the CORD coalition?Is it a genuine dialogue call,or,is it a politicized exercise that’s meant to undermine the Jubilee government to gain political mileage?And,of what political importance is it on the Kenyan citizenry and nation at large,while putting into consideration the fact that the whole issue has been politicized?

And,on the other flipside of the coin,will this dialogue offer solutions to our myriad of problems?Or,is it a calculated political tactic employed by CORD to polarise the country like in 2005 which resulted to post election chaos?

The demand for national dialogue is raising political temperatures as the real motive appears doubtful in the eyes of the monarch.At the centre of the impeding stand off are the overarching interests for the national progress and the respect for the rule of law,which are both at stake .

And,it seems the return of Raila Odinga has invigorated opposition politics,where his U.S.A tour has attracted speculation.During the homecoming rally which was dubbed as “baba as you were away”the CORD leaders called the Jubilee government to convene a national dialogue platform where they will discuss the issues that are affecting the country.And,failure to which they will call for mass action on saba saba day

But,the Jubilee government has quashed that decision terming it as an unorthordox ploy by the CORD to destabilise the government.They have ruled out any form of dialogue by stating that they are fully in charge and the issues which CORD has raised are the ones they are tackling as a government.

The outright rejection of the proposed dialogue is understandable .To agree to a roundtable with Cord would be an acknowledgement of failure on the part of Jubilee government .This would imply creating a leeway before the jury of public opinion to deliver a no-confidence verdict.The opposition would then be emboldened to annihilate Jubilee for ineptitude.

However ,CORD, must admit that there are better ways to achieve it’s demand than resorting to potentially disruptive Kamukunji demonstrations.It’s call for an extra-parliamentary system to debate pressing national issues is un-constitutional.The sole mandate of the National assembly,Senate and the executive is to handle such issues.This is provided for by the constitution unless CORD is calling for a revolution like the Arab springs.

But,tea ,or,dialogue ,the battle lines are drawn.Our collective good will only be assured if the opposing sides decide to put interests of the nation before their own.And,our political leaders must understand and internalise that the current political climate is a huge impediment to peace,transquillity and unity in this country.

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