To the victims of the Post Election violence’s his itinery visit to the country rekindled a drop of ray of hope; he was like as if he was their promised saviour who has descended, for they had a thing to smile about. He was regarded and acted like their leader who would lead them to the Promised Land and offer just solutions to their predicaments of what they went through.

From the moment his plane touched down, he was clearly a man on an urgent mission. And, in sprint of hours after he landed, he had met the two principals and other senior government officials. Whether he convinced the two to buy his thoughts, ideas or came out with amicable solutions of what his mission was intended is a story foe another day.

That the International Criminal Court, Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, for you. This is the Man whom the warlords of crimes against humanity fears most and sends cold shivers down the spines, due to his vicious prosecution. He is the lead prosecutor at the international courts in the Hague. His itinery to the country was much hyped to the extent that many people believed that he had come for the prime suspects.

And, at long last there seems to be hope that justice shall be attained this follows the feather-ruffling visit by Mr. Ocampo, of which he offered hope with his parting words that he has a tight evidence to contain his case although the government was reluctant to play his ball.

And, contrary to the perception that his itinerary would be open, it turned out to be one of the most guarded with heavy security detail in his toe accompanying him.The journalist were not allowed to field a few questions to him. his keepers and security detail played a cat and mouse game with the media.

But, contrary to most Kenyan perception whom they prefers the Hague option to try the suspects, the government failed them when it failed to commit itself with Mr. campo and refer its case to the i.c.c. but the relief they offered is that they will cooperate with i.c.c. by resisting that temptation to commit itself the government was trying to prove a point that its not a failed state in its judicial mechanisms and also it has other avenues it might use

But, why is it that the government is reluctant to prosecute the main perpetrators of the post election violence despite promising to adhere to the references of the national accord and when we adopted the Rome statute guidelines of which we are signatory to,or,if that turns out to be tantamount we do refer our case to the i.c.c directly?

The governments failure to accelerate the wheels of justice and their failure commitment to play to mr.ocampo`s ball portrays, reflects and sends a clear signal that the coalition government and its citizens are far much apart and totally in different worlds. To most Kenyans argument and what they want is Hague option as its best placed avenue which will render justice and me it will be melted out according ,thus the preference of the Hague.

To cap it up and to end prolonged impunity in the county the main perpetrators of the violence’s must be tried as the post election violences mayhem was the maturing that impurity democracy, violences has been used as a tactic by the political elites and tribal chiefs, to silence the critics of the systems or to those who fails to play their ball

Over the times there has been a tendency by the political actors to engage the etihic card in obtaining, retaining or maintaining power. Usually these dirty games are played by tapping on the sensitive issues that resonates easily with the masses.

In conclusion, to secure our future the government must necessitate the wheels of justice of to roll and institute strong adherence to the rule of law because in the near future we might find ourselves in a tinder-box and nobody will be readily to offer his or her assistance.

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