Has our moral ethos gone down the drain? The rising cases of bestiality is an indication of moral rot in the society.

As Kenyan society,are our social moral fabric ethos going down the drain?Or,has our society being jinxed?And,why is it that these cases of which are degrading our morals are so prevalent these days?Is it a breakdown of our moral values on the part of our society which constitutes our cultural societal set up?

And,if the happenings that have being happening and unfolding of which we are witnessing are anything to go by,then we are in a tinder-box as a society.It portrays a bigger picture of a society that’s rotten,which is heading to the dogs.It showcases that underneath that flabby exterior there lies the rot.It is a decaying society that’s withering slowly right from the shoot to the deep roots.

A society is judged according to it’s moral standards ,and,if it’s morals are up right then that society is also upright.But,if it’s morals are awkward,then it follows that that society is also awkward.And,the rising cases of bestiality is an indication of moral rot

Lately,the Kenyan society have been bombarded with reports of men engaging in unnatural acts with cows,chickens,goats,dogs,and,donkeys in parts of the country. Earlier,there were reports of women having sex with dogs in Mombasa.These are shocking news to fathom as a society because they are extraordinary,and,out of this world,which makes one wonder whether we are living in times that were prophesied and revealed in the Book of Revelations in the BIBLE.

And,it is disgusting to note that people are going contrary to the GOD’S creation,which begs many questions.According to GOD’S creation,humans of the opposite sex are supposed to be attracted to each other ,and,like wise for animals.But,nowadays people have gone out of their ways ,and,are indulging in weird ways,where men are having intimate relationships with fellow men and animals.Women are also having intimate relationship with women and dogs.

These unnatural acts are making the Sodom and Gomora ,the proverbial cities in the Bible that were destroyed by fire by the Almighty GOD because of these forbiddened unnatural acts,to be a pale shadow of itself.These reports of bestiality coupled with many rape cases show the extent of the moral rot in the society.Why the sudden rise in all manner of sexual misfits?Is it part of the natural progression of an evolving society due to modernisation?

I think Kenyans should critically examine what has gone wrong

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