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Talk about ,Miguna leaks ,-Peeling back the mask,-a controversial book memoir ,which has graced our country , which is turning out to be the subject of discussions in cafe, salon ,and,bar talks. The book has already gone viral ,due to it’s nature of spilling the beans targeting the prime minister,Raila Odinga,on his negative shortcomings. And,as a matter of fact the book will certainly alter the discourses of our politics,and,mode of politicking.
Just like a serial terrorists, who happily enjoys his fruits of plottings after blewing up his target with a bomb, watching the intensity and magnitude of the damage that was caused coupled by the media coverage it is enjoying he knows outright that his message has been sent.The same case is happening with mr.Miguna.His controversial book has prickled the hornest nest with the outburst ,and, at the moment it is the

miguna leaks,peeling back the mask,raila odinga,
He has blown up Raila Odinga’s political base ,his pivot point with murky secrets which might condemn him to political obvilion. Mr.Miguna, is now basking in glory as his leaks goes viral .
The Prime minister,Raila Odinga , is at the receiving end of Miguna’s leaks -Peeling back the mask.The book has already dented his political base ,and, he will be forced to put a spirited fight to regain his credentials ,and, to dislodge miguna’s ascertion leaks.The book might mould him ,or, condemn him to political abyss,with the latter weighing more.
The Miguna leaks-Peeling back the mask- has created a controversy which is raging over his , tell all,new book,which has unfolded and revealed the under carpet on-goings in the Prime minister’s office.It un-earths corrupt deals that were making rounds in the prime minister’s office, nepotism and underhand political undermining plots that were strategized to frustrate his political rivals.
Amid a furore raised by his controversial book ,on his time as Mr Odinga’s adviser before the two fell out last year ,Mr Miguna,was one of the top most trusted aide in the prime minister’s political circles. He was a political adviser, and, a strategist who was privy ,and, in loop with the plots, or ,any wind that blew in the prime minister’s office.
And,as one ,Kiswahili, saying says,what eats you,is inside you ,tells it all.So Mr Miguna, was privy to almost all the on-goings ,even the confidential reports in his former boss office. He was in the heart and soul chamber of the Prime ministers office ,and, Orange Democratic Party ,and, what he is revealing is what he witnessed, saw ,and, participated in.Mr.Miguna,a lawyer,by profession, had lived in exile in Canada for 20 years, before he came to limelight in 2007 when he returned in Kenya to work with O.D.M party, as it’s operative.And,within a short stint he had established himself in the O.D.M political circles ,where he contested in Nyando Parliamentary seat and lost.
And,upon the establishment of the coalition government ,Mr.Miguna, was appointed as a political adviser of the prime minister ,on coalition matters.
Now that Mr.Miguna has decided to wash the dirty linen in the public ,of what he witnessed and saw in his former boss’s office ,he has ruffled the political feathers on the wrong side which will certainly alter the kenyan political demographics .He has rejuvenated the unnecessary political rivalry at a time when politics was shaping up into good mannerism from politicians themselves to voter issues .
In Peeling back the mask ,Mr.Miguna, unfolds the corrupt scandal deals and underminings that characterized and rocked Mr.Odinga’s office ,and his shortcomings in the judgement on some issues.He goes at length to expose the various corrupt scandals that were orchestrated by mr.Odinga’s top aides ,and ,how they involved themselves in get-quick-rich scams.
Many concur that miguna by his acts and omissions, is egoistical ,undisciplined ,and, temperamental and is a walking loose cannon that often behave like a bull in a china shop.But, the fact of the matter , is that mr.Miguna has uncovered the soft underbelly of the prime minister ,exposing his dark secrets ,weaknesses ,his shortcomings ,what transpired in his office , and , what was swept under the carpet .
Thus,Miguna leaks ,has done well by providing Kenyans with information that would be helpful during the vetting process of all political aspirants.
While launching this controversial book on Saturday ,July ,14,he went a bit ballistic ,and, said that ,he was privy to the , O.D.M party , strategies , and ,was present when the party declared that the 2007 general election was a contest of 41 ,tribes against 1 .I can take every leader to The Hague ,they should actually kiss my feet …….They actually begged me to go back to office when they knew that i could spill the beans,he said at the launch of the book.
And,true to it’s nature of controversy ,the leaks have opened a can of worms precipitating a clash of opinions.Here are some of the opinions:-
According to Sarah Elderkin, who works closely with O.D.M ,she described Mr Miguna, as a belligerent and subject to emotional fits ,delusion ,untrustworthy ,and, having a distorted sense of self.
Other comments said that the book was written by an insider in government and thus should not be discredited ,but, seen as a tool to help Kenyans understand it’s political characters. The book shows that the truth cannot be hidden for long ,sooner ,or, later ,it will be unveiled just like a hyena dressed in sheep skin .
What Miguna writes about should not be taken as gospel truth ,it should be taken seriously ,as he writes about the alleged massive corruption that he could not stand . While others lamented that Miguna is just a bitter man on a revenge mission.
Former anti-graft czar,John Githongo, said that although he hasn’t read the book ,he knows the threats that are given to stop information that is of public interest.

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