Now, who is fooling who in this simmering stand off debacle over the Migingo Island? This island, which is entangled in an ownership row between Kenyan and Ugandan Governments, is raising much tension among the Kenyan Citizens and especially the fishermen fraternity whose livelihoods depends on the island.

But, for quite along time the Migingo Island was part and parcel entity of the Kenya Government, until recently the Ugandan government stepped up their bid to wrestle the island from the Kenyan.

And, to most political pundits, the action of the Ugandan Government is an act of Jingoism, which isn’t justified.

This debacle has created rumours which are been flouted all over. One rumour that’s been talked much is that it’s a gratitude that the Kenyan Government is paying after they were helped by the Ugandan Government during the post election violence’s. Whether this rumour holds any water or not only the government can tell.

This simmering row is a litmus that to the East African co-operation. It’s a hot and thorny issue which is threatening to disrupt the co-operation between these two countries. It might water down the necessary lay down strategies that much needed to improve co-operation.

Migingo Island is a rocky, one acre island situated on Lake Victoria. It’s inhabited by the Kenya fishermen. A journey to the island from the Kenya takes approximately 2 hrs, while on Uganda to the island it takes almost 8hrs. According to informative source about the island, it boasts one of the richest hiven sanctuaries of fish, mainly Tilapia and Nile perch.

The Ugandan government has taken over the management of the island. They have stationed their military personnel, who have imposed levies on them.

Despite the two government’s high powered delegation meetings which have taken place, in trying to resolve this stand off, they haven’t yet resolved amicably. This simmering row. But, the fact of the matter still remains that, Migingo Island, is a subject of contencity, with each country lodging a claim of the island.

But, who is fooling who in this simmering row? And, why is the Ugandan government want to make claim of the Kenyan Island, and, why has it taken them that long and this opportune moment to proclaim the island?

With these debacle stand off, two school of thoughts have emerged. Those who are advocating for diplomacy and those who are rooting for aggression. But, the British government holds the key to this stand off because they were the colonial masters and they are the ones who demarcated the boundaries.

According to government’s spokesman, Dr Alfred Mutua, he urged Kenyans to be patient and wait for the report of a survey to determine whether Migingo is in Kenya or Uganda. Lets shun violence as we have already shown.

Diplomacy was also supported by Daily Nation’s editorial of April 18, on how diplomacy can solve the Migingo wrangle, was a real pointer in the right direction.

And true to the point only diplomacy will prevail and of which will help us resolve this matter amicably.

The presidents have shown maturity and vision by resisting molevant advice to flex muscle over a small matter.

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