To the middle ,and,upper class citizenry in the society;get your acts together ,and ,hit the road Jack

……..To the middle,and,upper class citizenry in the society;get your acts together ,and,hit the road Jack before you perish politically.This is the message we can send to these class of citizenry who in recent times have been having a feeling that they are being cheated in their ways politically ,if the recent uproars are anything to go by.

Their failure to act and respond politically ,coupled by their ignorance ,arrogance and trivial judgements at what they do refer as petty issues hasn’t played to their advantage ,can’t help them and can’t get them anywhere.The reality is hitting the ground ,and,the funny part of it is that they are not accepting it.

Following the triumphant victory of Ferdind Waititu,in the T.N.A ‘s primary nominations ,who is now the flag bearer of T.N.A for the gubernatorial seat in Nairobi County,there has been a buzz of reactions and a clash of opinions from all corners ,be it in the social media,call in radio shows,print media and blogosphere.

And,as we continue to reel from the recent shambolic party primaries ,questions as to why Nairobians chose Waititu for Governorship over the more urbane Mbaru persist.Indeed as you walk the streets you hear spirited arguments that somebody of Mbaru’s calibre may not connect well with the impoverished masses .Or,that Waititu doesn’t have the charisma ,clout and glamour to take the Nairobi Metropolis to the next level and transform it.

But,it is in Waititu’s candidature for the gubernatorial seat that has created a tidal wave of varied reactions.Most urbane commentators have argued that Waititu doesn’t have what it takes to be the Governor due to his rabble rousing tendencies and politicking.According to them the gubernatorial seat requires a personality of high academic calibre and integrity who oozes knowledge on how to transform Nairobi County,restore it’s past glory and help eradicate it’s myriad of problems.

The Nairobi gubernatorial contest in the party primaries had narrowed down between Mr.Waititu,and,Mr.Mbaru who were trying to be the flag bearers of T.N.A. But,in a midst of confusion in the party primaries ,Mr.Waititu came out as the victor putting to doubt his abilities to transform Nairobi been questioned.He also scored a mark against his haters .And,according to opinion polls ,Mr.Waititu has a head start over his rivals and he might run away with the victory.

To the low end citizenry ,whom the majority resides in slum areas ,and,not so posh estates Waititu resonates with them perfectly.He is their champion,as he speaks for the voiceless.

According to William Ruto,who is the running mate of Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee coalition ,had this to say on the issue,”Nairobi is too important to be left to people who do not understand what the majority of it’s people need”.On his part Uhuru said that people are accusing them of selecting Waititu ,who they claim is a ruffian,but,the majority have spoken.

In his analyzes ,Daily nation columnist ,Macharia Gaitho,wrote that there is a possibility that some of the most important offices in the land ,including Governorship of the Nairobi metropolis might be led by boorish thugs of the sort that have always made Nairobi city council such a tragedy.

The great gnashing of teeth could be heard like a sonic boom on twitter and facebook;over wine and canapes on the cocktail circuit ,on the golf links and booze-up on 19th hole;and of course over nyama choma and beer at those usual places where Kenyans of means congregate.

The problem is that none of those so eloquently and loudly expressed their dismay actually bothered to vote at the nominations.When the up-market sophisticate was beaten by the down-market rabble rouser ,Mr.Mbaru’s supporters for the T.N.A nominations almost set twitter and facebook ablaze.Many declared that they would cross party lines and give their votes for Nairobi Governor to Dr.Kidero,the O.D.M candidate ,another respected corporate chief.

The middle and upper citizenry did not vote because party nominations are beneath them.Such pursuits are for the idle rabble who have the time ,if properly motivated and lubricated ,to take the entire day ,or,two off.

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