………Of Mbita Member of Parliament ,Millie Odhiambo’s theatrical antics and rant which were cruel,rude and abusive insults that were directed at President Uhuru Kenyatta…….

……..Of Mbita ,Member of Parliament,Millie Odhiambo’s theatrical antics and rant which were cruel,rude and abusive insults that were directed at President Uhuru Kenyatta…..This is one hell of a video ,plus many memes that went viral and were making rounds on the social media and talk discussions on Millie Odhiambo’s unbecoming and unwarranted behaviour in Parliament when she called the President unprintable names.

She was caught live on camera in her ranting outburst when she insulted the President by referring him as “mshenzi”…..a coward.But,whether Ms.Odhiambo’s theatrical antics were right,or,wrong depends on which political divide you lean towards.That’s the tragedy of our body politics.

But,the President responded in a kind gesture by sending a seasonal chrismass card wishing him well in her endeavours.

The occasion was during a special session of the Parliament that had being recalled to amend some clauses of the Electoral Bill which had turned out to be the subject of contenticity which precipitated a clash of opinions and drawn varied mixed reactions across the political divide.

So it was expected that Parliament would explode and degenerate into political fireworks due to the acrimonious debate that awaited the House.

The Members of Parliament from both sides of the political divide were in for a political fight and had their daggers drawn .And,true to the mood of the debate ,the session was characterized by fistfights and name calling all because our Members of Parliament cannot stand on a middle ground and agree on some weighty issues that affects the political certainty of our nation.

So Millie Odhiambo’s theatrical antics and slants are characteristic of him because the other time there was acrimonious debate ,where fracas erupted in Parliament ,she had pulled another stunt …..when she removed her inner wears.

Millie Odhiambo’s below the par character is characteristic and remiscent of our politicians behaviour in the public domain…….And,a lot has been said on how children are not being modelled in the right way when such obscenities are aired on television…..But,on Millie Odhiambo’s antics and her fellow compatriots in Parliament how do we analyze them.

Members of Parliament behaviour in the House is disappointing .The recent and previous incidents of misbehaviour by Members of Parliament were very embarrassing.They paint a picture of a primitive lot that can’t sit and talk maturely to one another and reason together.

This is mainly because whatever they do they do it as members of some political parties,forgetting that we ,the citizenry are their employers.Our Members of Parliament who are our leaders are required at all times to act with certain decorum and upheld high moral standards befitting their status as Members of Parliament and especially when they are conducting the House business.

But,they always act and goes to the contrary and they do display behaviours of lunatics.Our politicians have being in public bad books and the public opinion court’s jury harshly judged them harshly due to their unwarranted and unbecoming behaviours.

How can you analyze and describe the theatrical antics of the likes of Millie Odhiambo,Moses Kuria ,Johnstone Muthama and the likes who all do have pending court cases facing incitement charges when they uttered inflammatory remarks.

Methinks that this unbecoming and unwarranted behaviours being displayed by our politicians should be blamed on party politics which at all times takes a tribalistic discourse.What occurred in Parliament was just a call to attention.The Members of Parliament wanted to show their party leader that they were “working hard”.

So Mbita Member of Parliament theatrical antics although unwarranted was just trying to catch the attention and appease her party leader.

In the name of trying to appease and to showcase loyalty to their leader most politicians will go at any length and breadth and they have to be very creative in seeking ways of appeasing and seeking attention of their leaders.The politicians will boot-lick,break the law,intimidate ,abuse and insult in an attempt to catch the eye of the party leader who most of the time ..is the party owner.

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