………………..In a matter of introspective, who will save the poor gullible Kenyans from the cruel jaws and brutality of the bank tellers who are defrauding them daily in broad daylight………..

……….In a matter of introspective, who will save the poor gullible Kenyans from the cruel jaws and brutality of the bank tellers who are defrauding them daily in broad daylight. And, most of these poor Kenyans who have fallen prey to the devious syndicate of these bank tellers of defrauding them are suffering silently in financial deserts wandering there after their hard earned monies have being fleeced.

After reporting these defrauding cases to relevant authorities, it is proving to be another anthill for the victims, after being told to produce water tight evidence to support their claim, while Banks’ denies any wrong doing on their part.

And, now it is apparent that there’s a sprouting criminal trend which is catching up of which is being orchestrated by bank tellers targeting the poor gullible Kenyans who mostly don’t know how to read, write and who are advanced in age.

The criminal syndicate is fleecing them of their hard earned monies. And, the aftermath of it all is that the victims are left in financial deserts suffering silently there after being defrauded their hard earned life savings.

And, in Kenya, if there’s trust that Kenyans bestow on key institutions, then banks do fall in that category of institutions that are highly regarded by the Kenyan citizenry. The level of trust that Kenyan bestow on their banks is held high to such an extent that they do believe that they can’t be defrauded, conned, nor, short-changed in their banks.

But, nowadays that level of trust has being questioned thanks to the emerging issues that are unfolding in the name of the rising defrauding cases that are being orchestrated by the bank tellers targeting their poor gullible clients.

And, going by the rising cases of bank tellers that are being arraigned in Courts daily are anything to go by, then there lies the story behind the story.

That level of trust has dwindled down the scale due to these rising defrauding cases within the banks. And, these defrauding cases are targeting the poor gullible Kenyan who are left in dire financial constraints and nobody is coming to their rescue.

And, it is rife that Kenyans are falling prey to this criminal syndicate which is being orchestrated by bank employees in total cahoot with criminal elements in what appears to be a criminal network. Bank tellers stand accused of engineering these defrauding cases and making deliberate wrong transactions meant to fleece the Kenyans.

A case in point took place recently where an old man went to withdraw his money at his usual bank. After he withdrew his money and without knowing what the bank teller had done with his money because he trusted the bank teller, he put his money in the pocket without counter-checking the money and left the bank.

Then, came the shocker of his life, when he went to the shop to buy some items. That’s where the shop attendant informed him that the money note he has given him is fake money.

And, upon scrutinizing the other money notes, they were all found to be fake money and it is at that juncture that he returned to the bank to inform them that they had given him fake money notes. Upon presenting his case to the bank manager, the bank manager punched up the notes while informing the old man that his bank doesn’t deal with fake notes.

With that and within the rims of hours, the hard earned money of the old man had vanished through the thin air under his watch. He was left alone in the financial wilderness to suffer while the bank teller smiled all the way.

Yet, in another case, an old woman has almost defrauded her money in a deliberate wrong financial transaction. The old woman had gone to the bank to make some financial transactions and she had given the bank teller two thousand shillings to conduct the financial transaction.

After that bank transaction, she left the bank with her head high of the high level of trust she had bestowed on her bank that they had transacted her financial transactions well.

But, upon close scrutiny of those bank transaction receipts, it proved otherwise, for it was discovered that the bank teller hadn’t transacted the whole two thousand shillings, but had recorded only one thousand.

These are just but a few cases in point of defrauding cases within the banks which are happening daily which are leaving the culprits in financial deserts. There are many more others which on unreported.

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