…..Is Marriage a dying institution…which Jesus Christ described as a lifelong commitment ,in the Book of Mathew 9:2-6?………..

…..Is marriage a dying institution?….The writings on the board has it that the marriage institution is on the verge of self destruction….is under attack.It is rotting and withering from within itself.

This is what we can write home about concerning the institution of marriage ,if the recent unfoldings and happenings are anything to go by.

The brutal acts perpetrated on lovers and couples have exposed the soft underbelly of the marriage institution.They have opened up the difficult part of the marriage in what we can refer to as “the good,bad and ugly” chapters of the marriages.

The vessel branded as the institution of marriage is in the woods …trapped in the gutters…..caught in catch 22 situation….and it is rocking from within and it is sinking underneath the seabed with disastrous effects.

The recent headline story of Jackline Mwende’s brutalisation at the hands of her husband backs this argument that the institution of marriage is leaking and failing.This story ilicited a lot of emotions and rightly so.It was an act so brutal from a loved one ,that it left the nation seething with rage at the perpetrator.

And,mark you,this is one case in point in many others which normally goes un-reported.

But,the million dollar question is,is marriage a dying institution,which Jesus Christ,described as a lifelong commitment in the book of Mathew 9:2-6? Also,in the Bible,while commenting on the issue of marriage ,St.Paul,in his letter to the Corinthians wrote that “spouses are united to each other for life”.

Methinks that marriage is facing some big challenges today.It is a source of “real suffering” for the vast majority of couples.It is not beneficial for human relationships .And,it is only a matter of time now and marriage will fade away.

Now it is an open secret and a fact that what is happening in the institution of marriage isn’t working ,nor,adding up.It is a fact that so many lovers and couples are trapped in failed ,stressful and distressing marriages where was thrown out of the window along time ago.

and, in turn this desperate situation has led many couples to lead a miserable,horrible,hopeless ,stressful and desperate life because of this nagging marriages which makes them commit these devious and brutal acts to their lovers.

Marriage has become a negative term in this culture and society.People are no longer looking at marriage with anticipation ,but,with fear and suspicion,because ,marriages does not guarantee a lifelong relationship……and,marriage was designed to be a lifelong relationship.

The popular tagline which has become a chorus in marriages that “till death separates us” has come to haunt many marriages.And,it seems as if the ties that binds marriages broke along time ago and it is the high time that we should accept the fact that marriage is a dying institution.

It is also a high time that we should rethink about this popular tagline and replace it with a contractual neptual terms of engagements as this marriage vows which at times blinds the couples and in turn leads them into a quagmire where their marriage becomes untenable.

The weaking of marriages with disastrous effects has led to this questioning of the institution of marriage whether it will hold up,or,will it burst up.The questioning mainly focuses on the Church’s stand concerning the institution of marriage.

The Church for quite along time has continually continued to back the institution of marriage as the true reflection of the Church.It advocates for the formulation of a good marriage which is un-diluted irrespective of turbulent and tough patches it might face.

But,this Church’s position concerning the marriage institution continues to draw mixed reactions and has come under microscopic scrutiny in this modern times ,while putting into consideration the tough times many marriages are going through.

While the Church advocates for marriages to stay despite them facing myriad of problems ,another school of thought has it that marriage should be based on contractual mutual agreement just in case of rough times it might experience.

In Mwende’s case story ,she narrated that her marriage rocked right from the word go.Her Pastor’s conviction and advice to pray and tolerate in that failed marriage put toil on her ,and,it didn’t work out .Her failed marriage led him to lead a life full of atrocities and being brutally molested.

According to the Catholic Church cannon laws on marriage ,which they do refer to as the holy matrimony,it states that ,it is the covenant by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life and which is ordered by it’s nature to the good of the spouses,the procreation and education of offspring and which has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a Sacrament between the baptized.

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