According to one writer while commenting in one of our local dailies after Man-u’s triumphant English premier league victory,wrote that Manchester United have ruined the good and the beauty of the game of football.His beef,Man-u’s continued dominance in the league,war chest,pool of talent and sympathy from officials seems unchallengeable ,and,they have contributed in the ruining the premier league.It has become a boring hegemony ;a pessimistic low scoring affair that promotes negative tactics.And,above all it is dominated by Manchester united and their grip does not seem to loosen anytime soon.

He further wrote that he cannot fathom why one would want to  support man-u.Why would you want to support the most successful club on earth?Why would you to support the top dogs?Do you support Israel in the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

Man-u fans are so acclimatised to to winning that they barely celebrate.Arsenal and others,are the artists in the league ,Man–u are artisan,a bull-dozing and win-at all costs team.Hence ,watching the premier league is an expensive ,pointless activity because the results are pre-ordained.

This is  an obvious comment reaction from a rival fan of Man-u,following their win of the coveted premier league cup title.The Red devils have done it again and this time round they done it in style ,they have broken the the title record.The number 19 happens to be the common denominator at the Old Trafford,and in the English premier league.They have surpassed the liverpool’s record.

They are the champions of E.P.L again after outsmarting other teams and amassing the necessary points to that enabled them to be the league champions.At the start of the season Sir Alex Ferguson had predicted that the cup will go back to it,s usual place and rightful place ,that,s at the Theatre of Dreams-Old Trafford.

The facebook has become the buzz centre and the home of celebrations as fanatical fans continues to pour their jubilations and connecting in the internet.The celebrations have spread all over the world and it doesn’t matter the distance where you are so as at the end of it all it,s pledging your loyalty to the greatest team on earth.

That’s why the writer scribed that the Red devils have become the world’s first  super club .a global monstrosity ,the microsoft of footballing world ;they have turned the premier league into a game where their chances of winning are almost certain.They march on to the cause of victory by foot,head and occasssionally by hand.

And,that’s where the beauty of football lies in the never knowing when a win will come.It is something pleasurable about the delayed gratification before success.Football has become a gossip for men ;nowadays the build-up to the game has become even more important than the game itself .It is an exercise of statistic exchanging ,shirt buying and opinion trading.

That Man-u title win has put into focus the managerial skills of the most successful football managers in the world of soccer.Sir,Alex ability to compliment the winning team and instil  the winning attitude mentality is just amazing .He has steered the club to prosperity from mediocre to the club of winning trophies one after the other .His managerial skils are superb and that’s why he has managed to stay at the club for 25 yrs.

He has shown the prowess in breeding the raw and young talents as they blossom in their careers.He takes them through the paces of their career path to realise their potential.He also manages to contain and control their egos ,guides them ,offers a helping hand and above all he gives them the necessary platform to showcase their talents.

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