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Manage your dairy venture well and it will bring in profits.Nowadays ,this is the message that’s being communicated to the dairy farmers who are willing to reap big from this venture.They are being advised to take dairy farming as a business venture.

But,as a matter of fact,these talks and advise concerning dairy farming as a business is not going down as is supposed to be ,it is hitting a dead wall,the surface.Most of these supposed dairy farmers don’t have that know how and the necessary education to take their dairy farming to that commercial level.And,the government which is supposed to educate the farmers on the best ways and the advantages of embracing the modern dairy farming techniques isn’t doing enough.

Take the example of John;he is a small scale farmer who owns 2 dairy cows on an acre piece of land.These two cows acts as the source of his livelihood.The output that he generates from his cows enables him to feed his family ,meet his daily demands and take a small loan from his local sacco bank.To meet all these demands ,plus feeding his cows ,and,putting into consideration the high cost of the animal feeds and minerals ,pushes him to the extremes.

John’s eyes are focused on these 2 cows of his.And,according to him,in a day ,these cows generates a maximum of 18 liters of milk.It is this milk that he gives the calves,consumes some and the rest he sells.In his own words ,after analyzing his cows ,he thinks that they doesn’t generate any profit for him.

According to modern dairy farming experts ,that overall milk production is way below the required standard to withstand the commercial viability of his dairy venture.

He says that the profits he accounts for ,is the milk that he consumes,the manure he collects and the calves that his cows produces.In addition these 2 cows of his are his investment of which he can sell at any given time if the need of money arises.

And,putting into consideration the high cost of producing milk ,may hamper John’s work,and,put it into an abeyance.The high cost of animal feeds and minerals which seems to be skyrocketing oftenly ,coupled by the erratic weather patterns which necessitates drought are taking a heavy toil on John’s work and most dairy farmers

In John’s words,he doesn’t keep any record of his cows,and,he doesn’t account them to know whether he is making any profit ,or,going at a loss.Overall ,John is a classic example of a farmer who is still stuck in the old system of dairy farming.

And,this is the same predicament and the sorrow state most of the Kenyan dairy farmers are at,and ,have to cope with.They are still trapped in the old methods of dairy farming and embracing the modern dairy farming techniques seems to be an alien word.These cows are reared because it was a norm and a tradition for the African cultures and it is a source of milk.The cows aren’t taken good care of ,poorly fed and kept which at the end of the day doesn’t produce much milk.

But,nowadays if the messages that are being spread are anything to go by,and,what some dairy farmers have embraced and are practising are to be taken to stock,then there is more in dairy farming.It might be considered as uncharted virgin waters.Most of the Kenyan dairy farmers have not taken their dairy farming to the next level ,that’s “dairy farming as a business and a commercial venture”.They have not taken their dairy farming as a venture that can rake in profits if they do employ the modern dairy farming techniques.

These desperate situation John and most of the Kenyan farmers are in is pathetic ,and,the government needs to address this issue,step in and educate these dairy farmers about the advantages of embracing the modern dairy farming techniques and how to maximize from their dairy farming if they regard it as a business entity.

According to Lawrence Njuguna ,one dairy farmer who has embraced the modern dairy farming techniques and treats his farming as a business ,says that you don’t need a high grade cow to produce more milk ;just take good care of the cow by feeding it properly and having regular check ups by a veterinary officer .

Most of these dairy farmers who have embraced the modern dairy farming techniques are doing so so as to cut the costs and make their farming venture viable.They discarded the older dairy farming methods which required large pieces of land ,the work was tedious and time consuming ,where a farmer kept too many cows which were non-productive.

But,with the introduction of these modern dairy farming techniques have opened a new chapter of dairy farming ,and,eased the way most dairy farmers are practising their dairy farming.And,long gone are the days where a farmer would rear many unproductive cows ,but,nowadays you can rear a small number which are productive on a small piece of land.

Mr.Njuguna ,for,instance ,owns a half acre piece of land ,which he has been able to rear more than 50 cows through effective fodder management.

Many people think dairy farming can only be done on huge pieces of land .However,an ordinary Kenyan with less than acre of land and a little capital can start from scratch and do even better than those with big pieces of land

The secret to success lies in improving the quality of animals one has by inseminating them with quality semen ,managing fodder to ensure that it never runs out ,and,being patient.Breed improvement is also vital in dairy farming.One should ensure that each new calf is of better quality than it’s mother.To achieve this ,one must identify the traits that should be changed ,based on the cow’s shape and udder.A veterinary officer will help ou on this.

A cow produces more milk after eating dry grass and silage.To be of good health it needs a balanced diet and plenty of water.

The effect of drought can be controlled through use of a silo to store green fodder during rainy season.Three well stocked silos can feed 50 cows for more than 7 months.Fodder and labour management are crucial to dairy farming ,since they help determine the amount of profit made.

Dairy farming is a business like any other and should be managed professionally.For instance,good records ,keeping habits-feed levels ,milk production per cow,and,well maintained books of accounts -will help the farmer balance the figures and establish the daily profits and expenses.

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