It’s a topic that i have over the years blushed ender the mind,despite receiving considerable suggestions that i put it into consideration and establish it,that’s -the donation button.Since the floating of this weblog in 2008,i have received numerous suggestions about this idea of donation button through the blog’s moderation inbox messages panel.It’s an idea that i have not yet stomached,or ,put into much consideration over the years.


Since the inceptionof this weblog ,i have largely financed it through my own account which have been taking heavy toil on me.I had to finance the cost of webhosting,designing,the hosting renewal plus other money to necessitate uploading and other errands relating to the blog.


It is worthnoting that i started this blog as a part of my hobby activity,but,currently i can’t comprehend how it tilted to be inclusive in my daily adjustment programmes.May be it’s out of my love of writing,journaling which has turned out to be a habit which i have cathecated to the point of becoming an integral part of me.I have sychronised it with my daily adjustments


And,since it’s launch ,it is now in it’s 4th year down the road.It came about as an idea after the eruption of the post election violences which rocked our country KENYA ,in the year 2007/8.Since then,through the moderation panel messages my fans have been giving me their considerable input responses which has been positive in their contents,and of which has shaped my mind and challeged it which has forced me to head into a brainstrming session to shape and join the dots of those ideas.


And,that’s why i have came up with an idea which i have crafted and draughted and concluded it.Having been in the blogging for those years ,i thought it wise to launch a web application on web2.0 platform ,based on the socialengine interactive platform.For the time being the idea will be hold up in the papers due to the financial constraints i’m facing,that i may be unable to conceptualise  the idea and make it a reality in my current situation.But ,with power of THE ALMIGHTY GOD,i do pray and hope i’ll make it,plus my ardent fans help.


In these web application platform idea,i want to source a socialengine software which will accomodate all considerations,the developments and dynamics input  that i have proposed.Secondly,integration,configuration and sychronisation of the software so that it can compact well with the applications.All these will be done by the webdesigner who will be contracted to actualise the idea,just like the architecture.Then ,there’s the costs of hosting the softwareand the online hosting to make it float.All these developments will consume considerable amount of money to almost 3000 dollars.


And,due to the financial constraints i’m in,i’m facing an uphill task in trying to finance this project.The hard economic times have engulfed me and conceptualising the idea is taking heavy toil on me and making the idea a reality might seem to be a pipe dream.That why i’m making a passionate appeal to my ardent readers who are passionate,caring kind and above who are  blessed abundantly by the ALMIGHTY GOD to bail me out of this quigmire.To all my readers whom they  may have a soft spot for me in their hearts,who i may have touched through my writing i do hope you will put me into consideration.


P.s:If you think my have touched you,or,you think you are a like minded person you can feel free to contact me and we can have a chat,or, if you have a donation you can adddress me thrugh a check using the following contact

Note:Paypal doesn’t operate in our country and the credit cards are to cumbersome



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