Machakos County ,under the stewardship of Dr.Alfred Mutua

If there’s one County that’s ambitious of which in 5 years it will have taken more economic ,social ,and,developmental strides,then it’s Machakos County,under the stewardship of Governor,Dr.Alfred Mutua,the former government’s spokesman.Just 8 months after taking over the mantle as Governor of Machakos County,Mutua has done alot to transform Machakos and better the lives of his poor Kambas.

Dr.Mutua,has catapulted Machakos County with a well thought out strategic blueprint which will act as the guiding principle which will uplift his County to greater heights of economic and developmental prosperities.His is a good strategic plan based on sound policies which can be described as a masterplan blueprint as it was launched by President Kenyatta recently.

Mr.Mutua can be described as that leader who can be banked on to initiate developmental projects in his area of jurisdiction. He has silenced his detractors and doubting thomases with his initiatives.In the latest ranking ,Mutua has been rated as the best performing Governor in Kenya based on developmental projects he has already initiated and many more in his development blue print for Machakos County.This comes even as other Governors still fight for recognition and titles not to mention the flags.

According to his strategic blueprint he wants to transform Machakos County,which is situated in a semi-arid area,only 40 kilometres from Nairobi,to become a commercial,business and agricultural centre.He wants to model it like the big ,modern cities in the world,like Dubai.

But,recently he was forced to face and ward off his detractors who were critical of his economic blueprint.Led by the County Senator,Johnstone Muthama,these detractors wanted to distract him from his core strategic plan.And,of late Mr.Muthama has been on the offensive in criticizing and attacking the Governor and his economic blueprint.He has branded Mr.Mutua as a traitor after he openly seemed to be embracing the Jubilee government.And,it seems their politicking is heading parallel to each other.

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