Life in Kenya hasn’t been the same again after the controversial 2007 general election.  Alot has passed under the bridge, may it be good or ugly, but we will only live to tell stories.

 The Kenyan people were subjected, and came under siege,to untold atrocities which they couldn’t have experienced before.  This atrocities which were committed, can’t be washed away under the carpet, for they require a high level resolution so that justice can be done.

But, can the ruling elite turn a blind eye, and overlook things , then wash away the sufferings that were subjected to our brothers and sisters, just because we signed a peace deal accord?

It’s a hard question to digest, unravel and settle, especially regarding the affected brother or sister, who lost his or her family member, lost his or her property and then he or she was displaced from their homesteads.

Once a prosperous nation in all aspects of life and each on every sector almost went to doldrums.

That whole shenanigan almost put Kenya in a condition of low level social consensus which isn’t in doubt.

And, just like a case of an internal wound, which only heals on the surface, but internally, it continues to cause havoc and creates pus, which can be disastrous.

The kenyan problems were inflicted and affected us for quite a long time ago, and just like that wound, we only make short term solutions intead of longterm solutions.  This pillars of problems which affects us, were only swept under the carpet by the successive Governments from colonial times instead of addressing them, which only kept on piling up.

What unfolded over the last couple of months brought to the fore the true picture of the nation of Kenya which is highly tribal, unequal, fragile and seriously build on serious flawed assumptions.

But, with the signing of peace deal accord by the two pricipals, will the Kenyan people reconcile with one another and put their differences aside and row to move forward irrespective of tribe irrespective of tribe, and what befell them?

Peaceful reconciliation and co-existance among different tribes are key factors for any growth an that’s why it’s high time the Goverment do lay a good foundation and put proper mechanism to facilitate and address this hotpot issues.

That’s why we recommend for the establishment of a truth and reconciliation commission so that it can unravel the injustices that were subjected to the Kenyan people.

We must be ready to address the issues that keeps on haunting us because we’re gettting decimated by evils which are shamelessly and slowly devouring our nation.

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