After food, clothing and shelter in the order of the basic needs, peace is another key factor priority to the average kenyan.  What most Kenyans pray for is peace to prevail and they feel secure in their country.  Peace is the holding factor, for if there’s peace everywhere, most Kenyans can transact their business accordingly, roam and settle at whatever corner of the country they feel like, for peace, enables most people to breath a sign of relief.

For any economic growth to be realized in all key sectors of the economy peace must prevail in the country.

But, with a stroke of a second, the peace that Kenyans quite enjoyed for a very long time was compromised, after the shenanigan that followed after the controversial 2007 general election.  What followed and hovered around the country then was a cloud of death, wanton destruction of property, burning of houses, eviction of different tribes, as the country almost tilted to a standstill.

A beam of peace was fading away each an every passing day.  There was no doubt that Kenya hasn’t experienced it’s worst crisis in it’s 45 yrs of independence.

But, thank God, we managed to agree to solve our problems albeit through the intervention of the international community, in a relatively short time, which resulted to a signing of a peace deal accord by the two protagonist principals on February 28th.

After that memorable moment of the signing of the peace deal, thereafter, a sign of relief was experienced as all Kenyans celebrated the return of peace and normalcy that Kenyans were enjoying before.

It was an opportunity, best described as similar to the one presented to the founding fathers of our nation, but was abused and got lost, largely due to a few short sighted leaders and a largely ignorant citizenry.

But, will we manage to fulfill the signed accord and address it conclusively or will we let it slip under our fingers?

As has been said by others, the hard part has just began and we need to maintain the momentum until we reach our destination.

Let us protect this peace pact from the greedy lot and transform Kenya accordingly.

The present situation is quite different from that of 1963, not only because there are more enlightened people, but because of a high population high unemployment levels and unprecedented levels of corruption that have resulted in increased poverty and despair.

However, we should also be acutely aware that there’s no shortage of narrow minded and selfish leaders within our borders, just like in the old days, who will be out to rock the boat and spoil the party.

We should learn to guard this new found accord jealously.  After all greed and self interest are vices that we have to manage well for us to lead better lives.

The Government and 10th parliament have the opportunity and an onerous task of ensuring that the necessary legislation is put in place and the noxious ones are expunged from stature books.

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