Let Peace do prevail in our midst

Now the Kenyan politics ,and,politicking do have a head start and at least it has taken a political direction,save for a few political flare ups here and there.At the moment the political discourses do have a political course.Most of the political leaders and their supporters have charted the political paths they will follow politically.And,the politicians have gone flat out in their campaigns in hunt of those crucial votes.

And,as a country,we are in that precarious position where we might write a new chapter ,or,rekindle the ghosts and the bad memories that keeps on haunting us.As has been an occurrence in the subsequent past elections ,certain parts of the country becomes polarized at this time due to political tensions occasioned by tribalism and negative ethnicity.So a looming election in our country spells doom ,and,it acts as a bad omen to some people who resides in those areas where flare ups do occur.

These Kenyans who resides in those areas do live a life of wait and see as they don’t know what will transpire next after the election.

Tribal violence that erupts in the years 1992 and 1997 happened before and after the election.But,those tribal violence hit the rock bottom in the year 2007/8,after a disputed election outcome.The country was engulfed with flames of post election chaos,where many Kenyans were killed ,displaced ,wanton destruction of property perpetrated ,as others were too traumatized psychologically.

And,looking back at that year and what transpired we do have a case to worry about .It is in that vein that we as a nation do vow that we do want nothing other than ultimate peace to prevail in our midst.We do not want a scenario like what we witnessed in that black year of post election chaos.Our leaders must be at the forefront when it comes to preaching peace among the Kenyan population.Also,the Kenyan must learn to co-exist peacefully ,harmoniously,and try to accommodate and tolerate each other irrespective of their gender ,race ,ethnicity and tribe.

We must be patriotic to the core.And,patriotism is being ready to give ,or,sacrifice for good of the nation.Every America child grows up knowing that the U.S.A is the greatest nation in the world and they ought to maintain that status .In Kenya,where one faces the ills of the country from the day they are born in a public hospital ,it is hard to nurture that patriotism.

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