Do we legalize abortion?And,what is the way forward concerning this issue?

……Again,the same old question which keeps on haunting us for ages has popped up again….and the big concern is about abortion.For decades the society world over has been grappling with this delicate concern of which it has created a wedge in our society.The pro-abortinist-those who advocate for to be carried out to protect the right of the women ,and,the anti-abortionists ,mainly consisting the Church ,which has been vocal against any form of abortion for they do consider life as sacred and sanctity of life must be respected.

And,the funny part of it is that as abortions continue to ravage the society ,these groups with their different takes and views precipitates a clash of opinions.Illegal abortions which are carried out by these backstreet abortinists doctors continue to skyrocket with each an every passing day,while the society continue to behave like a classical ostrich which hides it’s head in the sand refusing to know the reality on the ground.

But,irrespective of these haggling of opinions ,what is the solution to this delicate issue of abortion?Do we legalise it?And,what is the way forward concerning this issue?

The abortion dabate was re-ignited by the recent publication of statistics by the African Population and Health Research Centre,in which it claimed that there were 464,690 abortions which were carried out in Kenya in 2012.

And,putting into perspective this report,there seems to be a renewed push for legalising abortion that’s quite unwarranted.The numbers given in that report seems to be too high in the first place.

The high number of abortions should not be a shocker ,as it mirrors society.It is however sad that innocent lives are lost while those women who procure abortions live in torment from their ill-advised decisions.

But,which way do we forgo;legalise it,or,do we advocate the usage of contraceptives as the alternative?

The problem with abortion is that it is socially made.A big percentage of parents stopped caring for their children ,they stopped teaching them life matters for money.They love their careers and have no time for their daughters .All they know is to demonise pregnant daughters.

The rate at which these abortions are been procured leaves alot to be addressed .It mirrors a total breakdown in our societal moral fabric as a society of which doesn’t have respect for the sanctity of life.Also worrying according to the report is that most of the abortions especially from married women were not as a way of birth control ,or,due to rape,incest,or,because the mother’s life was in danger .They were done simply because the un-born was unwanted ,inconvenient ,or,unplanned

The abortion issue is an issue which will keep on haunting us forever if it will not be addressed and settled fully.Droves of women will keep on procuring abortions and doctors will keep on carrying out these illegal operations.

Methinks that let’s learn from America where cases increased after abortion was legalised.We can take lessons from the U.S.A which legalised abortion through a landmark Supreme Court case known as Roe vs Wade of 1973.It is worth noting that in the USA,prior to 1973 ,an organisation that engages in political action to oppose restrictions on abortion and expand access to abortion called NARAL ,said up to 10,000 maternal deaths occurred due to “back alley”abortions.The actual figures were between 100-200 as reported by CDC.The scare tactics used by abortion advocates is well documented and known.

The advocates of abortion pushed for the right of the women to abort and forgot the right of the pre-born to live. The statistics ever since have skyrocketed.

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