Kenya’s withdrawal from the Rome Statute

Kenya’s intention to withdraw from the Rome Statute obligation which created the International Criminal Court,is causing rimples both locally and in the international circles.And,the pressure on the government to start the process of withdrawing from the Rome statute will increase further after the Senate followed the National Assembly in demanding that Kenya abandon the International Treaty.

The National Assembly and Senate have passed motions which paves the way for the executive to bring a Bill in Parliament to initiate the process of withdrawing Kenya from the Rome statute .Despite launching a spirited campaign against the move ,the CORD coalition,lost it to their Jubilee colleagues .The Jubilee coalition argued that Kenya is not a banana republic ,and,that the Rome statute that established the International Criminal Court was designed for countries considered ungovernable

The withdrawal chorus came hot on the heels,and,against the backdrop of the trials of President Kenyatta,and ,his Deputy,William Ruto. And,the International Criminal Court,has being accused of dissimenting selective justice where they only target african leaders ,whereas ignoring other troubled hotspot areas.The big violators of human rights aren’t held to account their deeds

“What was created as an institution for justice has been turned into a vehicle for pursuing international politics in the most rudimentary ,questionable and capricious manner,”argued ,majority leader in the Senate Prof.Kithure Kindiki. He likened Ms.Bensouda ,to a rogue prosecutor ,who goes from Country to country unsupervised ,wrecking people’s careers ,tarnishing names and destroying individuals’ lives’ without being accountable to anyone .He accused Kenyans of failing to protect their own,”Never again should we expose our people to such degradation and humiliation as is happening now”,he asserted.

The push by Parliament and Senate to withdraw Kenya from the Rome statute can be justified to some extent ,in that the International Criminal Court ,appears skewed against Africa even as there are worse crimes committed in other parts of the world.That major western nations are not signatories to the statute is another case for withdrawal

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