Kenya’s Regional,and,Tribal politicking;How are our political parties build on tribal affiliations?And,does political minnows stands a chance of winning an election if they do went against the grain?

When the former government spokesman,Dr.Alfred Mutua,resigned from his job ,so that he can enter into the murky world of politics,in his address,he said that,he chose the party he joined because it was the one which was popular in his backyard.He said that our politics are regional. With those comments ,Dr.Mutua,was affirming and driving home the point that our politics are tribal and regional,which are dictated upon by tribal affiliations.

Each Kenyan tribe does have a political party it is affiliated to,with it’s leader calling the shots.He plays are the ultimate king,or,the king maker using their tribe as the triumph card and the bargaining chip.It is a matter of fact that tribalism and negative ethnicity have infiltrated in our politics to the core,even in our systems of  governance,and,even in all our undertaking and issues.Tribalism and negative ethnicity happens to be that cancerous tumour that haunts our country with negative repercussions.

Since the introduction of the multi party politics ,we thought that our country would soar above the fray ,and,practise democracy in it’s entirety ,but,alas ,we deceived ourselves ,as different  numerous tribal parties sprouted out all affiliated to different tribes.Of late we do have dozen and dozens of political parties with most of them can be equated as tribal parties.The multi party kind of politicking opened the floodgate of tribalism which manifests itself in form of tribal groupings and parties,which hasn’t crystallized well for our country,if the past occurrences are anything to go by.

And,woe unto you if you are a seasoned politician ,and,you happen to go against the grain,contrary to the tribal tidal wave.If you are not in that tribal party that is affiliated to your tribe ,then you are doomed to fail-your ambition is considered as a non-starter. And,right now some politicians are treading on a thin line in hope they will survive the tribal tidal wave.Many politicians have crushed by the wayside just because they  challenged the status quo,and,went against the wind of tribal wave.

But,why are our political parties build on a tribal affiliations?And,does political minnows do stands a chance of winning an election if they do went against the grain,while putting into consideration our poised tribal,political waters?

These are technicalities that faces our country,of which we must confront,which needs to be addressed if we are to practise mature kind of politicking.As we heads to the general election,the leading key presidential  hopefuls all have the backing of their tribes and regions.They are all acting as the leaders of their own tribes ,where they have created a tribal tidal wave within their backyards.The political wannable minnows have being choked by this leading aspirants ,and,most of them might be swept away by these tidal wave.

Of late ,the political elite,notably the ethnic kingpins have being at it again ,this time ,using their communities’ numerical strength as tools for political bargain.The impression that these political chiefs want us to have is that tribes have owners

Politicians are behaving as if they own their ethnic groups .Kenya is a home to political circuses and theatrics not witnessed in other parts of the world.We definitely excel when it comes to disgusting political soap operas and retrogressive political machinations

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