Kenya’s political parties primary nominations fiasco:This shenanigan poke exposed our soft political underbelly

……With the just concluded Kenya’s political parties primary nominations having been finalised and wrapped up we cannot fail to analyze them .On the page we can analyze that they were chaotic,shambolic,disorganized,where not even a simple logistics was put in place.These nominations were characterized by massive rigging and irregularities.These nominations showcased how disorganized we are as Kenyan citizenry,in our political arena and in party politicking.

The democracy we do advocate as a nation fell below the par.And,all those positive attributes and ideals that are associated with a thriving democratic nation were all thrown through the window as party bigwigs favoured their preferred candidates contrary to the will of the citizenry.

The chaotic protests that rocked Nyanza,Nairobi,Central parts of the country unfolds a dark chapter beneath our party politicking.It was a pointer to the real picture that characterized the political party primaries.One fact that stood out is that our democracy hasn’t matured enough and our political parties aren’t driven by the democratic ideals that they do profess and advocate due to how they managed the primaries which were not free and fair.

We still do have a long way to go in terms of party politicking and how we will nurture our democracy.We should not let disorganization ,irregularities ,rigging and confusion characterize our party nominations any other time.

The just concluded party primaries exposed the disturbing reality that Kenyan politics is caught in a time wrap ,more than two decades since the return of multi party democracy.And,this shenanigan poke has exposed our soft political underbelly .It has proven that democratically we haven’t matured enough if what transpired is anything to go by.

According to Daily Nation columnist,Macharia Gaitho,who had no kind words on the issue,wrote that ,the chattering classes have been going through a great deal of angst in the last few days as they observed the chaotic party nominations.They are recognising that the political parties and their presidential candidates angling to form the next government are not organised to organise anything.

Also hitting home is the realization that despite the rhetoric ,our political classes make not just terrible managers,but are anti-democratic dictators to boot.However ,it is the party nominations that produce the candidates for the election proper ,so they are just as important.

In an emphatic endorsement of ethnic based politics ,Raila’s CORD coalition did not hold primaries in Central Kenya,the backyard of his key opponent ,Uhuru of jubilee.Mr.Kenyatta’s party too did not present candidates in Luo Nyanza.The nominations also exposed the spectacular incompetence of political parties,raising questions as to whether I.E.B.C ,should be a spectator in such a crucial nomination

According to Frankil Bett,the lesson learnt is that political parties do not have the human and material capacity to conduct primaries.The nominations are a big lesson in a gigantic disorder.I cringe at the memory of that mass misbehaviour under the pretext of democratic space.

Many may deplore the protest that happened in Nyanza and other parts ,but fail to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought the demonstrations .Going beyond the superficial ,i would say that it is unfortunate that the parties’ top brass left it supporters with no alternatives following massive rigging for and by their preferred candidates .

I do not blame the protesters .They were fighting for what is right and are willing to sacrifice.Party leaders should come forward and calm the situation ,do damage control and follow the will of the people .They should smell the rat and let the will of the citizenry to prevail

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