Kenya’s pan -African foreign policy under microscopic lenses

Kenya’s foreign policy under the Jubilee government which is being formulated and fronted to portray the awakening of pan-africanism is under microscopic lenses.Kenya has over the past few months been eager to earn back it’s pan-africanist stripe in a campaign that is spearheaded by President Uhuru and characterised by strong anti-western rhetoric .

And,since they took the government the Jubilee administration has being pushing for a pan-african policy aimed at uniting Africa.They do want Africa to speak with one voice and to trade with each other .President’s speech during the 50th anniversary celebration points to a country heading away from the western world.

During the 50th anniversary celebrations on December 12 ,showcased the latest evidence of this shift in the country’s foreign policy.In an impassioned speech,the President tied Kenya’s future to that of her african neighbours and made various commitments to the larger pan-africanist agenda.”Kenya’s national interest is anchored on regional and continental integration,”said President Kenyatta.

The new route ,the President says the country will focus more on the continent to realise it’s growth goals.The president was reiterating sentiments that have peppered his speeches since his days on the campaign trail.

These new front which is being pushed by Kenya came as a backdrop of a serious reassessment of Kenya’s position vis-a-vis the western powers that have sometimes been seen as oppressive with the way they deal in Kenya.Economically,politically and morally ,the government seems to be out to prove that it is other african states that count ,not the west.

And,in it’s push the Jubilee government have managed to rally Africa behind it in their push to find a common ground for it’s agendas.But,the big question about Uhuru’s pan-african push is whether it is informed by growth metrics,or,is it another ploy by Kenyatta’s government to shield him and his deputy from the International Criminal Court trials?

Pursuing the pan-african agenda behoves Kenya and the Jubilee government on two levels on purely economic terms ,the fate of Kenya and every other country in Africa is tied to that of it’s neighbours .Intra-african trade ,the World Bank has stated ,can greatly help boost the Gross Domestic Product of african states.

Further integration and building cross-border infrastructure leads to the opening up of ever larger markets.If Africa can sell it’s natural resources to it’s own citizens ,dependence on the East and West will be drastically reduced,not to mention the fact that some natural resources do not respect man made boundaries

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