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Is Kenya’s democracy on trial? This is one pertinent question we need to ponder and ask ourselves as Kenyan citizenry. And,it doesn’t matter which side of the coin you are looking at . Following the aftermath of the last general election ,and,going by what is unfolding in the country at the moment we need to bore our heads as Kenyan citizenry and pray because our dear nation is at a crosspath.

We need to think as patriotic Kenyans. The country is in a cliff and if we slip a bit we might plunge into the deep ocean due to the uncertainties that has engulfed our country. The presidential outcome petition that was lodged by the CORD coalition has heightened the political temperatures. As a nation we are at a critical time-the Rubicon-where we might mould our gains,or,scatter them to the scavagers.

According to Raila Odinga ,who was the CORD’S presidential candidate ,he asserts that Kenya’s democracy is on trial. He lamented this while pouring out his frustrations following his desperate attempt to clinch the presidency. And,it is worth noting that the CORD’S presidential candidate has refused to concede defeat and has decided to challenge Jubilee’s win in Supreme Court.

While reacting to the just concluded general election where Jubilee’s Uhuru carried the day,Odinga,asserted that our democracy is on trial because Independent Election and Boundaries Commission,conducted elections which were too shambolic to the core ,and,were full of irregularities. According to him the election body didn’t hit the required threshold to conduct a free and fair general election.Their operations and conduct were below the par.

He asserted that the elections were marred by massive irregularities ,flaws,incompetence on the part of Independent Election and Boundaries Commission ,among other things in favour of the jubilee alliance. And,that’s why he says CORD has decided to challenge in Supreme Court the election of Mr.Kenyatta as the country’s 4th president ,claiming that vote tallying was totally flawed.

The suit is expected to rely on CORD’S assertion that the equipment that election body had deployed for the election -ranging from poll books,computer servers,electronic transmission of results and electronic voter identification -had not worked as planned. “Let the Supreme Court determine whether the results announced by the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission are lawful,we are confident that the Court will restore the faith of Kenyans in the democratic rule of law,Odinga said when he rejected the outcome of the results.

He said that after the results were announced the voter registration numbers were reduced in CORD strongholds and added to Jubilee strongholds.He further said that some constituencies saw the number of registered voters inflated.

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