The Kenyan Judiciary in crisis;Judiciary will be the biggest loser in the ensuing ceaseless bickering.

The writings is on the wall;”That the Kenyan Judiciary is in a crisis”.This is what we can describe our Kenyan Judiciary which is embroiled in in-house fighting.And,this stalement has precipitated to a crisis which is pitting the Judicial Service Commission,on one hand,and,the sacked Chief registrar of Judiciary,Gladys Shollei.They are all pulling into different directions as accusations and counter-accusations rants in the air.The Kenyan citizenry are caught up in the cobweb of crossfire and they are confused as to who is telling the truth between these protagonists.

And,the Judiciary will be the biggest loser in the ensuing ceaseless bickering which is turning out to be a sorry saga revolving around dismissed Chief registrar,Gladys Shollei.The Judicial Service Commission confirmed Mrs.Shollei’s dismisssal after finding inadequate her responses to a whole slew of allegations ranging from financial impropriety to mismanagement ,incompetence and misbehaviour.

But,Mrs.Shollei dismissed the Judicial Service Commission tribunal that investigated her as a kangaroo court ,denied any wrong doing and indicated that she would continue fighting to clear her name .This provoked a risposte from erstwhile ally Chief Justice,Willy Mutunga ,who promised to reveal more about the sacked registrar

The Judiciary has carried out this public airing of dirty linen long enough.Accusations and counter-accusations in an atmosphere where there are apparently no rules of procedure,decorum,or,fidelity to the truth does the institution great harm.

The defiant Chief registrar has being shown the door ,but not before firing her own broadsides that cast the Chief Justice and other accusers in very bad light.

But ,something urgent must be done to restore public confidence in the institution .The very serious allegations against Shollei touching on corruption must be investigated by neutral parties -and criminal charges filed if she is found culpable.

And,by some token ,Mrs.Shollei’s counter-claims of improprieties on members of Judicial service commission must be investigated and the accused called to account

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