……..Until when shall Kenyan Citizenry continue to live normall and in peace after any General Election……

…..Until when shall Kenyan Citizenry continue to live normally and in peace after any general election. After the announcement of President Uhuru Kenyatta as the eventual winner of the 2017 general election, there was heightened uncertainty and anxiety in the country which resulted in protests which were experienced in some parts of the country which disrupted everything and the normal way of life of most Kenyans.

The country had slipped into a situation of anxiety and desperation wondering what will occur next. The country was at crossroad. And, it seems as if it is a culture which has entrenched in our Kenyan society…..where any looming general election sprays doom and brings forth its share of baggages.

Since the introduction of the multi party politics in the country, the country hasn’t been the same again when any election looms around. No general election has been held without its share of misgivings, save for 2002, others had been held with clouds of anxiety and uncertainty hovering around. And, it reached its peak in the year 2007 general election when post election chaos erupted.

And, it seems as if we haven’t moved past this political shenanigan which rock our country if what transpired after the August 8 general election are anything to go by. This years’ general election wasn’t exceptional for clouds of anxiety and uncertainty had hovered around the country.

The highlight of this uncertainty was the fatal shooting to death of a young girl by a stray bullet when the armed engaged protesters who were causing mayhem.

The country always finds itself in a catch 22 situation wondering what to do next because these uncertainties and anxieties stagnate everything. Everyday adjustments almost grind to a halt due to this situation. This bad culture needs to halt if the country is to make gainful strides economically, socially and democratically.

Most people do fear to invest, or , settle in certain parts of the country because of these uncertainties. And, this is the aura that most Kenyan citizenries do find themselves in and do fear after every looming general election which they always pray that it won’t recur again

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