………….The Kenyan Budget financial presentation……..amid the looming shadows of corruption scandals that have hit the Government……..

……The Kenyan Budget financial presentation……..amid the looming shadows of corruption scandals that have hit the Government. On 14th June, the Cabinet Secretary at the Treasury presented this years’ financial budget presentation in Parliament in one of the biggest budget presentation estimates to have ever been presented in the country.

And, this was presented amid the looming shadows of corruption scandals that are unfolding that have been haunting the Jubilee Government. The ghosts of corruption have engulfed the National Youth Service, National Cereals and Produce Board, Kenya Power and other government institutions at an alarming rate and at the expense of the poor tax paying Kenyan citizenry.

It is an anathema which is bedevilling our dear nation from all quarters of which has entrenched in our society. Corruption has become a regular occurrence in our country at all levels. It has become a norm…..an everyday adjustment where corrupt cartels and government officials engage in it to enrich themselves.

And, it has become a thinking mentality where everybody is craving to become an overnight millionaire at whatever cost without doing much which is pushing most people to engage in corrupt deals. Nowadays the stories of overnight millionaires are rife where most of them are splashing their ill-gotten wealth from corrupt deals.

It has become the norm where any business engagement with the Government becomes an avenue where corrupt deals are been schemed by powerful corrupt cartels in conjunction with government officials.

We desire a better Kenya which we can all be proud of, but, we must take steps to reduce corruption. And, Kenyans are wondering how the country will move forward with this financial budget which has a gaping deficit of about Kshs.500 billion which will be topped up by heavy borrowing both internally and externally……amid this looming shadows of corruption.

For a country that has been lately plagued and engulfed by mega corruption scandals in public institutions, the reflection of the budget seems like a factually flawed document. The budget presentation was like a slap in the face to the Kenyan citizenry……….while putting into consideration the looming corruption shadows.

And, to make the matters worse is the fact that it’s one of the biggest budget presentations to have ever been presented of which has proposals which have heavily taxed the Kenyan citizenry.

And, the million dollar question still begs……..as to whether the Government will be able to utilise their taxes effectively and safeguard it from powerful corrupt cartels?

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