Kenya:Are we a nation at a crossroad?

Are we a nation at a crossroad in the a political front and in contextual spheres?Just like the famous Hyena in the famed fable which found itself at a crossroad wondering which path it will follow which would lead it to the place where the delicious delicacy scent was coming from.Likewise we are trapped in the same predicament as a country,the catch 22 situation

And,as a Kenyan nation it seems as if we are at a crossroad as a Republic ,if the things that are transpiring and we are hearing are anything to go by.The way we do address our real issues and undertakings are sometimes rather wanting ,which puts the country in a desperate and doubtful situation.And,putting into account the shenanigan that characterizes and accompanies our politics ,mode of politicking and how we do address our issues ,one may tend to ask this ironical question.Are we a nation at a crossroad?

The chief protagonists are our politicians who disguises as our leaders ,the ruling political elites and the tribal chieftains ,all of whom we do much adore and follow.They all do call the shots at the expense of the ordinary citizens.

Call it a nation at a crossroad being fed with political propaganda.Just picture this ;One Honourable Member of Parliament ,while contributing at the floor of the House,narrates his ordeal after he was forced at a gunpoint to support a certain personality ,although his story didn’t add up as there were too many loose end and dotted lines.

And,in another scenario ,another Member of Parliament makes an unsubstantiated statements in the public domain that had no basis which were bound to cause unnecessary friction that there was a plot that was meant to assassinate the Prime minister.

Then,there are tribal groupings that are emerging and cropping up that are supporting their fellow tribesmen to garner for the presidency .And,to counter those meetings there are parallel ones that are being planned to counter those

Each an everyday dawns with it’s own challenges and political shenanigans which sometimes distracts and destabilizes the nation which at the end of the day bombards the overburdened minds of the poor Kenyans.The real issues and undertakings are shoved aside ,as politicians goes for each other necks in the name of political supremacy battles ,while at the same time washing their dirty linens in the public.

And,being the delicate time(s) of the year in our country ,as it is an electioneering period ,and,putting into consideration that we do have a history of violences that rocks certain parts of the country ,then we do have a case to wary as Kenyans.Politicians will deploy each an every tactic to gain the advantage and the required numbers .Political realignments will be the order of the days as the country gears up to the campaign moods ,as politicians tries to survive in this Kenyan turbulent political waters.

But,our politicians must take note of one thing ,that politics is for the development of the society and not for selfish gains.

The tribal card will come to play which will be used as the bargaining chip by the politicians.And,it’s quite unfortunate that the country hasn’t yet fully recovered from the effects of the post election violence which were fueled by tribalism and negative ethnicity.It seems as if we might further polarize the country ,if the political shenanigans that are playing out are anything to go by.We do have a strong case to wary about as Kenyans as it seems as if we don’t learn from our past mistakes which we do fail to correct.

From the threats of political assassinations to political propaganda which are flying from left,right and center ,do not augur well for the country.It seems as if we aren’t heading to the right direction as we are creating suspicion which is polarizing the country.Top politicians are now alleging that their life are in danger ,or ,there is a plot to assassinate some .

And,as if that isn’t enough others are creating political propaganda which might have negative repercussions for the country ,due to their nature of diverting attention from the core issues .A nation that is at a crossroad isn’t good and doesn’t augur well with it’s subjects due to much distractions .

Putting into consideration that the elections are jst around the corner might pose a big headache to the government .We are going to witness political realignments as politicians jostles for power as they tries to align themselves in line with the political treads.They will shift their political allegiances due to their divergent political views ;political friends will turn out to be political enemies.

Also,a lot of issues will go unattended .A closer look at the new constitution tells a lot ,since it was promulgated ,it hasn’t been fully actualized and implemented due to the failure of the political class to pass the necessary key bills to unlock it.Key strategic offices that were meant to undergo a major transformation and be given a new lease of life are still trapped in the old school.

The issue of internally displaced persons still remains a puzzle and a scar to the coalition government.Since they were displaced during the post election violence they have not been resettled by the government,And,it is a pity to note that it will become a campaign tool during the campaign times.

Indeed ,call it a nation at a crossroad.

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Desperate striking health workers

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