Kenya @50…….Was there anything positive worth celebrating as a republic ?Is there anything worth to celebrate and to brag about as Kenyan citizenry?These are among many questions Kenyans are asking themselves as Kenya turns 50 since it attained it’s independence.They are also asking themselves whether we have fought poverty ,ignorance and diseases to the best of our abilities?

50 years down the line ,have we managed to fulfill the dreams of our forefathers ,or, have they remained just mere dreams.Our forefathers had dreamt of a prosperous nation where each an every subject would enjoy the fruits of their mother nation.But,these dreams seems to be mere pipe dreams as inequality,poverty and insecurity are biting deep into the bone marrows of Kenyans even as more fall below the poverty line.

And,we have celebrated 50 years of independence.This is a watershed moment ,and,Kenya can no longer give the excuse of being a “young”nation to cover up the daily transgressions against the poor,weak and marginalised .The rampant corruption that sees us lose up to 30 percent of our annual budget is untenable.The bias against the poor,where government focuses on perks for the top ,and then tries to pay them by sacking lower level civil servants is inexcusable.

But,on a lighter note,since we attained our independence in 1963 alot has happened in the course of Kenya’s destiny.Four presidents have graced our country in that period with their different styles of leadership .Politically there has been gains coupled by ups and downs as politicians rained havoc on our country of which it hit it’s lowest ebb in 2007/8 post election chaos.

In the social ,economic and developmental fronts the country has taken strides which cannot be wished away.Infrastructural projects have been undertaken as the country takes the course to greater heights of prosperity.And,more has been written and spoken about 50 since we attained independence.In a chronological took of events ,and,the impact they have made to the Kenyan society.But ,one thing that has stood out is that Kenya has taken great strides although the country hasn’t reached there yet due to stumbling blocks on the way and bad politicking.

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