Jubilee’s Government 100 Days under microscopic lenses review

The Jubilee government has set ball rolling in it’s first 100 days .And, April 9 ,remains a memorable day for President Uhuru Kenyatta,and,his deputy William Ruto ,for it’s the day they received the instruments of power to govern the country.It’s these 100 days of Jubilee government ,which are under microscopic lenses review in terms of performance.

These 100 days acts as a benchmark and a wake up call to any administration since they took the reigns of power,and,it has become a habit and norm all over the world.And,Jubilee government isn’t an exception for they have to take stock of their 100 days of performance.The public opinion courts also have their takes concerning Jubilee’s government performance.

Since they took the reigns of power ,the jubilee government has spent it’s 100 days in laying strategies of governance and realigning the systems of governance.They are laying rails where their locomotive government will sail through without any hiccups.They are building a supportive fulcrum which will balance their governance ,and,help the country tread to greater heights of prosperity.They are also constituting their government in line with their pledges and according to the new constitution.

Although ,they haven’t found their footing 100 percent ,they are on the course and in the tracks .They are trying to have a hand and head start in their fronts.Kenyatta’s leadership style over time has depicted a personality alien to presidency in Africa that is characterized by machismo peppered with despotic postures ;instead ha has come across as a mortal being ,interacting freely with his fellow country men.

He is a leader who is serious about breaking traditional barriers that had hitherto existed between citizens and government in what Prof.Mahmood Mandani,a Ugandan academic,author,and political commentator ,calls a “bifurcated society”that characterizes African social political set up.

But,most reviews of the first 100 days of the Jubilee government have been largely based on what was outlined and pledged during the election campaigns and in the manifesto.I would contend this is not the way to gauge either the initial performance ,or,the policy intent of the new government .A more searching yardstick would be to review the 100 days against the backdrop of the key challenges and hurdles.

Shifting focus to campaign promises that charmed voters into voting in the Jubilee government,Kenyatta’s government has found itself at cross purpose to explain to naysayers the necessity of ,and,viability of the laptop project.The success ,or,failure of this project will depend on the stewardship of the President.

According to one commentator ,”there has been a series of analysis as to the milestone it has achieved since it took over power.While it is still early to pass judgement on the UhuRuto leadership ,it is important to take stock of the way they carry out public affairs in line with their campaign promises.

The fact that the duo has injected a sense of freshness in the way government affairs are conducted cannot be over-emphasized.UhuRuto have demystified the state House and broken the orthodoxies that hitherto shrouded the Presidency.It is refreshing to see the President freely interacting with the media ,answering all sorts of questions on the government.This is clear break from the past where the Presidency was shrouded with secrecy

But,the lack of jobs is the single largest challenge this government faces.Combine that with the need to attain significantly greater sustainable economic and per capita growth and to reduce glaring inequities and one gets close to the over riding central challenge.

One political pundit summed that,”ever since the election of Jubilee ,the media has on a number of occasions ,reported on some major changes the new administration has introduced .Kenyatta has revitalized presidential speeches ,revealing clarity of thought and a full range of expressiveness that has eluded that office for decades.

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