The new Jubilee Party;……will the new jubilee party hold together and stood the turbulent political times ,or,will it explode and crush while trying to resist the pull of political gravity?…….

…….Amid colour,pomp,fanfare and lavish display of might and resources is what characterized the recent launch of the much hyped Jubilee Party .The much hyped launch was a display of opulence and razzmatazz that was on the class of it’s own,where fanatic and overzealous loyal supporters thronged at the Moi International Stadium ,Kasarani to witness the historic and monumental occasion as it unfolded.

And ,it will definitely go down in our history books if it goes according to the political script of it’s political authors.The intention of the party ,of what it is being intended by the initiators … the formation of a broad based political party that will have a national outlook …although it being apolitical.

Definitely,this much hyped Jubilee party will alter the Kenyan political demographics.Political realignments will be imminent as Kenya’s political discourses and politics takes different political paths.

That colourful and much hyped launch which was full of pomp and fanfare tells a lot ,and,the political discourses that will follow thereafter will shape up the mode of politics and politicking.

The merger of the Jubilee party into one political party which is now trending with political rimples being felt across the political divide replicates what happened in 1999 when the then ruling party K.A.N.U ,and,Raila Odinga’s National Democratic Party ,merged into one political entity in a much hyped event at Kasarani.

But,needless to comment that political union didn’t last to withstand the test of political times.

The parties that had formed ,or,supported the ruling Jubilee coalition have decided to formally fold their political parties and form one bulk political outfit they named Jubilee Party ,which will be headed by President Kenyatta and he will be deputised by Deputy President William Ruto.

They want to break from the past ,where there have being a conglemeration of small briefcase and tribal political parties headed by tribal chieftains and merge them together to form one bulk political party that will galvanise ,accommodate and tolerate all Kenyans ,which will stood the test of political times.

According to Senator ,Kipchumba Murkomen ,while commenting on the issue of the new Jubilee party ,said that,we are serious about building institutions that will outlast this generation and our desire is to show Kenyans that we are not in this to build a party only as an election vehicle ….We take this process seriously and it will be the legacy of President Kenyatta to form a formidable political party that will mobilise Kenyans around issues.

They want to set the trend where political parties outlives their members,a party that have ideals and ideologies that will transcend across the political divide;not the hurried formed political parties which are used for the specific purpose….to win elections as has been before.

They also want to set a precedent where the members of the party accepts the membership due to it’s ideals and ideologies and not because it belongs to their tribal chieftains.

President Kenyatta described the new party as a departure from the past ,and, a new dawn in the history of the formation of strong political parties.

But,will the new Jubilee party hold together and stood the test of turbulent political times,or,will it explode and crash while trying to resist the pull of political gravity….just like the Apollo 2 did in 1986 ,when it exploded mid air as it tried to resist the pull of gravity?

Methinks that although it is a good start for the new Jubilee party ,it will be a delicate walk for the new party amidst reports that some leaders who are not assured of the party’s ticket come 2017 will have to opt out to join smaller parties.

But,the party faces a burden of proof for it must now seek to grow from the narrow personal and ethnic roots to an outfit party that will transcend sectional and regional boundaries.

The party must also learn to run their internal polls efficiently and transparently ,devoid of chaos ,mismanagement,fraud and rigging with which Kenyan political parties are associated with.

Truly,our test with multi party democracy has,indeed ,been characterized by anarchy,absence of common decency and decorum,and,utter chaos in party organization

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