………..Joblessness and unemployment among the majority youths and the general populace is another disaster in awaiting waiting to explode in the near future…….

…….Joblessness and unemployment among the majority youths and the general populace is another disaster in awaiting waiting to explode in the near future. This huge population feels left outside the bracket of day to day general cycle of life.

Joblessness, unemployment, and under-employment are the anathemas which have being cited as a stumbling block to the realization of a sound economic gain. Also, it contributes to the scaling up of poverty across Kenya and most third world countries. With the ever- increasing population against jobs opportunities, we are treading into uncharted waters which are straining the world’s ability to produce and sustain its populace.

And, the shocker of it all is that joblessness and unemployment are most prevalent in Africa and Third world countries with the youths being the biggest casualty that faces that faces this dilemma. Most Governments in Africa can’t assure their citizenry good job opportunities.

Youths are undoubtedly a crucial asset for a strong and thriving Kenya. However, providing youths with positive and long- term perspectives continues to be a challenge for policymakers and society.

Most of Africa’s economies hinges and thrives due to pivot and aggressiveness of the private sector where there are alternative jobs. Most Governments aren’t innovative enough to offer the necessary platform for the enabling of tcreation of job opportunities hence most of them thrive on single engines instead of two.

Also, these economies suffer shocks which are precipitated by political disturbances, anxieties, drought and famine, corruption, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the systems of governance.

Their budgets are hit by deficits which hamper growth in these countries. And, to fill these void most governments goes on borrowing sprees. Also, another factor that hampers growth is that their recurrent expenditure is always in tandem with the Gross Domestic Product. The recurrent expenditure sucks almost the half of the budget thus curtailing the channelling of funds to other key sectors of the economy which can jump -start the ailing economy like in infrastructure.

And, despite alerts that the next disaster in waiting happens to be joblessness and unemployment among the young populace here in Kenya, the government does little to address this ballooning scourge. This is the elephant in the room that the government of the day needs to address if they need to tackle most ills that bedevil a nation.

It,s unfortunate and shocking that 75 percent of young Kenyans are idle, unemployed, jobless and under-employed as they form an integral part of the populace.

But, the million dollar question happens to be…..will Kenya scale in the ranks of Switzerland which has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in the world.

As the saying goes, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop…..and it is a fact that many youths are engaging in devious activities which are making them derail from their core values and sense of direction.

And, this clearly showcased itself well during the already concluded electioneering periods where most youths formed the bulk of the political campaigns while others engaged in acts of lawlessness and hooliganism as they were used by politicians to cause chaos.

Thus, unemployment and joblessness happen to be the major contributing factor that bedevils a nation. And, the day the government will address this anathema, then it will be at peace with itself

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