Can the parliament fill the void which was left after the cabinet failed to address, resolve amicably this simmering debate of post election violence mastermi0nds and that of impunity? Can the parliamentarians rise to the occasion and lay down the necessary mechanism to constitute a local tribunal which will try the masterminds of post election violence’s?

This is one cloud which has been hovering around us continues to haunt us, which has stagnated and resisted the temptation of been blown away by the fierce stormy strong winds and it’s dying and begging to be addressed fully.

With the coalition government stumbling out of the way, after it failed to Marshall the necessary support to constitute tribunal which was one of the recommendation, and, thus it supported the out of favour Truth Justice Reconciliation Commission, the parliamentarians have decided to step into those shoes. The backbenchers through a private member’s motion have decided to introduce a motion in Parliament seeking to establish a local tribunal.

But, whether the back benchers will accomplish this tall order without activating and detonating this time bomb is another chapter. This debate is like a live wire which has split the hairs in the coalition government, parliament and the Kenyan society. And, whether they can make any meaningful full strides, only time, their input and maneuvering will tell?

The Imenti Central, Member of Parliament, Gitobu Imanyara, who is the architect behind this bill, has improvised the earlier bill that was rejected by the parliament, and as per his claim, he has sealed all the loopholes. He has caused waves in the political circles with his proposed bill that would see the perpetrators of post election violence face the law.

According to Mr. Imanyara, the parliament has no other chance to salvage this country. Let’s not tempt fate. We cannot fail to meet the challenge of impunity gnawing at us just because of the fear of repercussions. We have to address it quickly, he said, it about the future of the country. We have to fight impunity to deal with the corruption that has stagnated the countries development.

But, been a constitutional amendment bill requires a two thirds majority in parliament so that it can sail through. The big task that lays ahead of him is whether he can Marshall the necessary numbers to support his bill.

Considering the fact that an earlier bill was rejected due to divisions, blackmail and the fact that some of the parliamentarians are culprits, and thus are adversely mentioned creates an aura of suspicion, hence creating an uphill task for Mr. Imanyara can he convince and create a conducive environment that will offer the necessary political will to support his bill?

But, can the parliamentarians accomplish this task considering the fact that their characters is sometimes suspect with a wide range of allegations of been architects of failures? And, what’s this about urn all about considering that the backbenchers had supported the Hague option all along and that’s why they had shot the earlier bill?

Different schools of thoughts have emerged out of this move, which has illicited and ruffled the political feathers. Some are arguing that the M.Ps wants to outshine the cabinet for the sake of it. Mr. Imanyara faces accusation of holding a grudge agai0nst the first family.

And, then there are allegations that M.Ps are supporting this so that they can get a chance to eat because such bill attracts handsome bribes.

According to Sunday Nation’s columnist, Gitau Warigi, Imanyara’s bill is a positive one to the right direction for impunity must be fought at all costs. Punishing the guilt is a necessary undertaking to cleanse society of it’s rot. Besides, it sends a warning to others who may be tempted to go astray.

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