Is the international community going to watch as Somalia goes to the Dogs, and, delve into radical anarchasm? The Eastern Africa and inter governmental Development Authority are just watching helplessly as Somalia is being consumed by fierce fighting, piting the transitional Federal Government forces and Al-Shabaab, a rag tag Militia extremist group which wants to overthrow the Government and make the country un governable.

And, just like a building which is engulfed by a fierce fire which requires the services of experienced and better equipped fire fighters to contain it, the same case is replicating in Somalia. Kenya and its neighbours are just watching helplessly totally amazed of the long term effects of that war which will result to negative repercussions.

Somalia case is that of a failed state and it needs the intervention of the International community, especially the U.N. The country has been dismembered by warlords and pirates, who rules through the Jungle laws. Al- Shabaab threst cannot be ignored because they have sophisticated Jihadists Combatants from foreign countries.

The Failed stateness and lawlessness of Somalia poses great danger to the East Africa, which in the Past have bared the blunt and are reeling the effects of lawlessness The 1998 U.S Embassy bombings in Nairobi and Tanzania, and 2003 Kikambala bobbling are real pointers of what Al-Qaeda can do with their established bases in Somalia. And, then there’s the proliferation of small arms at the wrong hands which are causing a major havoc in Kenya. These arms have been blamed for numerous serial murders, armed robberies; car jacking and their originality have been traced from Somalia.

For the last 18 years, since the government of former dictator President, Mohammed Siad Barre, was overthrown by warlords, Somalia has been in the woods ever since, burning and the Somali’s have not known peace since then. And, what started off as Clans infightings and supremacy have escalated beyond to affect the whole country as most gruesome human rights violations continue to be committed by the insurgents. This time round this fierce fighting has hit the roof tops.

This lawlessness and failed stateness has created a safe haven for the Al-Qaeda terrorist group to clout their devious maneuvers, and not forgetting the dangerous sea Canal spot, the Gulf of Aden, where the Somali pirates are having a field day as they continue hijacking ships and then demanding huge ransom payments.

Since the installation of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, that is led by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, who led the Islamist courts Union in 2006, he made the courageous decision to engage in dialogue, which some of his former associates rejected the invitation to peace. The Al- Qaeda leader in a video release had called for the toppling of his Government.

President Sheikh Sharif has continued to blame Eritrea for backing Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, the leader of Hizbu Islam. He said the Islamists, he once worked with, were keeping pressure on the Somalia Transitional Government with the help of Eritrean Army. He further stated that his government was at ar with Al-Qaeda elements that have come to attack Somalia fighters have been spotted in my places. These terrorists are here to prevent the Somali people from rebuilding their statehood.

He concluded by saying that despite the continuous wars, his government would lead Somalia to stability and development. We have been forced to fight by anti-peace groups and we are going to win.

According to Ahmedou Ould Abdallah – U.N special representative for Somalia wrote in the Daily Nation, that the attack launched by extremists on the Somalia Government on May 8 was an attempted coup. And the continuing fighting represents efforts by these armed attackers and foreign mercenaries to overthrow the Government by force so that they can spread their agenda of Violence throughout Somalia and beyond.

He wrote that the extremists, who have been fighting the Somalia Government, have threatened to attack if Kenya sends its army to support the beleaguered transitional government. These attacks pose a significant threat, not just to Somalia but to the region as a whole. Kenya and the other members of I.G.A.D understand the situation in Somalia better than anyone else. Somali’s must mobilize, and the international community must act urgently, as the Islamists do not want this government to continue.

He concludes that he believes there is peaceful or lasting alternative to this government.

Sunday Nations columnist, Gitau Warigi, wrote that, with Al- Shabaab, not an army, but a militia, rough and unruly which is making daily mincemeat of Somali’s pathetic T.F.G and causing massive constipation to the Kenyan authorities in the process. But, we can’t forget the fact that Al – Shabaab may be a ragtag outfit, but it can completely tie down an occupying power.

He further wrote that Kenya can use-it’s clout as the financial hub which every Somali wannable eventually turns to. It is an open secret that not just the Transitional government big shots but the sheikhs who controls Al-Shabaab rely great deal on hard currency transfer outlets Nairobi provides whether Local or Foreign benefactors. Close these money taps and some backers of Al-Shabaab will suffocate.

As the world continues discussing Somalia, especially since the extremist Islamist forces gained the upper hand in the fighting against the T.F.G and now looks to over run it. A lot is being made of Al-Shabaab boast that it will resort to suicide attacks to destroy the “tall glass building in Nairobi”. And, they are not confining their military activities to Somalia; they have warned that they will attack Kenya if it masses troops on the 1200km long boarder. They also warned that they would blow up a bridge that links the rest of Kenya with the North, as if to emphasize their earlier claim to North Eastern.

In a land where lawlessness in the disorder of the day, all manner of enemies would love to use it as a staging posts for evil plots. And, we need not to belabour the point that

Al-Qaeda would flourish in Somalia. Al-Shabaab are capable of causing havoc if they are not contained.

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