To the conservative Kenyan society which has embraced religious zeal’s, guided by the collective cultural, societal and religious ideals to be associated, or, just a mere mention of certain rituals which defies our societal set up and religious guidance sends a cold shiver down the spine. The association with the occult movements, witchcraft and black magic are considered evil which only happens in the devils workshop and are treated with awe.

Any association is worth attraction a curse; one is regarded as an outcast followed by king size condemnations from the people.

Overall, most people don’t want to be associated with these rituals which they term as evil, devious which defies our religious, cultural, societal practices and teachings. It is worth noting that most Africans are held together by strong societal and cultural practices of which they cannot defy coupled by a deep rooted religious foundation which they have embraced with both arms and so such a thing is totally out of psyche and unheard off.

And, that’s why the recent happiness has buffed the whole society which has left behind many loose ends. But, to the contrary, is our society becoming a decaying society, a rotten one? Have we thrown our ethos to the dogs, or, is it that we are out of psyche with ourselves?

Most of the practices people are engaging in the days are bluffing the whole society and if you try to critically analyze their ulterior motives you fail to comprehend the whole scenario. Some of these practices people are associating themselves in have been deviling the society since time immemorial which can make one to be insane and out of touch with the reality.

Recently one such evil malpractice unfolded itself which hasn’t been heard off as two men were arrested by police with male genital parts while on transit, one a mortuary attendant and another funeral service employee. And, upon further and closer investigation they revealed that those male private parts had been removed from dead bodies from the morgues. They also revealed that those male parts had been removed from dead bodies from the morgues. They also revealed that they had an order for those vital organs from the witchcrafts.

Also to unfold itself were missing body parts from the dead bodies of which the morgue attendants can’t account for or reveal exactly what transpired about the missing body parts. This act raises further suspicion and drives the point home about witchcrafts and occult movements.

It is worth noting that it wasn’t along time ago in Tanzania, where a Kenyan was handed a severe jail sentence plus a heavy fine for conspiring to sell an albino friend of him to an underground witchcraft movements.

A closer look and scrutiny of these whose issues can reveal that there is a wide conspiring scheme and cartels involved in this whole bluffing acts which is happening at the noses of our authorities. The money factor seems to have driven people insane; it is the devil because it makes people do weird things.

Or, in another deviation, has the Kenyan society embraced and courted occults, witchcraft and black magic’s with both arms if these malpractices are anything to go by? It is an occurrence which goes beyond our psyches and African culture. And, to some cultures such acts attracts calamities and curses. According to most African societal rules a dead body should not be tampered with, for a dead person is accorded the necessary respect that deserves him. And, if such an occurrence occurs certain rituals must be done to appease the spirits.

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